Ottawa Softball Post Game 7, SBW Comp vs Playball Boys (Part 2)

Another cool and windy Tuesday night a perfect night for a rematch against the Playball Bunnies.

This one was on the road, and in typical A ball fashion the Bunnies started off by catching all the fly balls and keeping the buds off the board. The guest bunny Thom-Thom chirped in to Julie W “Julie, can I get a score check” as she and the buds were taking the field. This gave extra Motivation for the buds. 1st basemen Peter H pulled a chicken wing, stopping a laser line drive, hold off the charging bunnies. Walking off after holding off the top, Julie W asked Thom-Thom, for a score check.

Top of the second, the buds determined to open up the game only to have their dreams dashed by a weak call as lead-off Justyn with a “Y” pushed for extra bases. The bunnies defense proves strong as the buds go down 3 up 3 down. The Bunnies turn at bat would see Billy the kid hit in a solo to draw first blood.  The chief bunny Dan-Dan proclaimed “I’ll take it. It will be a close game.” Co-captain Alexander also made his first catch at first base, a small ceremony was held for him.

Sun starting to fade behind the trees at the top of the third would send new Bud Brando up to the plate for his own solo jack to tie up the game. The buds knew it would be a close game as well. Brando was filling in for center fielder Greek Seb who was out crippled horribly from sleeping on a pea or sodomizing a midget and cranked his neck looking too far down; which one we will never really know. The buds would further the lead as Lawrie would use his super sexy ninja base running.

With the sun still reaching from just over the trees the Bud’s Defense still held strong with big catches in the field from Lawrie and Pete and some snags and release from Brandon and Justyn with a Y at Short. This also includes Justyn with a “Y” gunning down the super speedy track star bunny at one.

With the sun well behind the trees the Buds turn over the batting order. Top of the order Alex opens it up with a walk, followed by a nice hit from Julie W to set up Pete and a 3R shot, breaking the game wide open. The bunnies answer back by scampering around the bases and scoring two mostly off the back of a rocket from Jessica Marie once Bud turned Bunny, who tagged a ball to the fence for a triple, keeping the game close. 5 – 3.

With the last glimmer of the sun, both teams used what was left of the light to lock down the D. the big Dan-Dan lurking in center field doing a lot of damage as FOs are all over the score sheet. The bunnies manage to hop in another run, chief Bunny Dan-Dan calling out “Only down by 1.”

As Darkness set in all sorts of things start to come out of the night. Balls that were once easily caught now lurk out of the shadows. The 6th started off with your fearless captain taking a 2-base walk to start things up, followed promptly by him watching Alex’s ball get to the warning track and not tagging up on the play. He was able to redeem himself by expertly avoiding a double play ball boy by not running. Some might say he was just being lazy, but Billy the kid at third had to retreat to his bag to secure the out, saving the other bud runners. All this leading the way for Peaty Pete to save the day with a double to knock in two more runs. The bunnies taking advantage of the night scampered around the field, taking as many bases, balls and sticks from the buds. Dan-Dan gave out the rallying cry, “We have a tied game.”

7-7-7. Coming down to final showdown, the Buds came up firing scoring 5 runs with two outs. While the early miss-step at home almost put an end to the story, the buds came up big with a 2 run shot from Brando followed by a double-double from Lawrie to runs rolling in. With a bit of a cushion the Buds still had to stay cool to hold on to this one. After starting off the inning with a 4 pitch walk, Sarah Z comes up with a big look what I found in my glove play to one. The Bunnies managed cash in the walk and loaded up two more but it was too little too late with big catch deep center field from Alex T under the Tuesday night lights.

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