Ottawa Softball – SBW Sloppy Seconds Tournament Post game – Evil Empire vs All of our Butts

Evil Empire 16 – All of our Butts are Touching 8 Both teams came out swinging determined to win the game. At first Evil Empire were looking solid with a perfect score of 5 runs and no outs But then All of our Butts are Touching had a Grand Slam which helped tie the first inning at 5-5. Evil Empire came back in the 3rd inning despite some close calls maxing out with 5 runs. They ended the inning with a home run taking the lead. The sweet spot between 2nd and 3rd became a weak point for All of our Butts are Touching as Evil Empire continued to extend their lead. Down in the last inning, All of our Butts are Touching had to make one last big push to take the win and scored a home run bringing in 2 runs. Unfortunately it was not enough as the outfield crew for Evil Empire held their ground to secure the win.

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