Ottawa Softball Post Game 2, SBW Rec vs hat Team

Arriving early to the RA I headed straight to the bar , knowing where I can always find our team, defending our drinking trophy. Filled with self doubt about my line up choices & this years approach, I would receive honest reassurance as Isabelle would exclaim in shock​“ WHAT YOU’RE playing CF!? Oh on ….our rec team , Ok ok that works” Don’t worry Seb, your spot is safe …for now……

The sun was shining for our Tuesday season openers, this year Captains split up to conquer their individual fields and both pulled out wins, A division finally beating the Lumberjacks and by a clutch one run. Rec team working out their kinks by the 4th inning to pull it together and put the big W on the board.

The game would start with lead off batter, Eric G. Eric G could be heard , literally singing ? ? “imma hittttttt a soloooo as lead off, immmaaaaaaaaa make Krystle maddddd“ as he strutted up to the plate , ohhhh to have that level of confidence, EricG put ☝ out, ️his predicted solo and walked back to the bench giggling with glee about his new watermelon ? bat. Two swings , two pitches AB told the same story for EricG… Katia’s first at bat was a huge hit, but she was robbed as left field caught it clean.

The opposing team was fun and friendly and kept SBW’s on their toes as the score was incredibly close for the first few innings. Layes would struggle a little pitching strikes the first inning the Buds took the field, having only played three pitch prior. He would find his spot tho’ and the game would pick up pace. Jake who was easily spotted wearing the teams Ball hockey jersey would get less action in RF then he did back in school. Frank would settle in at 3B and take an inning at 1B just to keep things interesting.

Mike Lays clearly looking to hit oppo with a step out slap hit would without meaning #GuyProbs put it over the fence there by leading Eric G to return to bat and end the inning with a home run out. “ is that bat legal?!”

The double play home to Claud from Dyllan at 1B took my breath way , all of the plays home warmed my cold heart. I rotated our ladies, Claud and a very reluctant Sarah Rose, in hopes the girls would get more action in the field, yet, as usual the actual game held surprises for me. More outs were made at home then rover, including said double play.

Captain Krystle took an inning at second , after missing a shoulda coulda in CF. Switching things up Katia took 3b, Dyllan SS & Matty would sit. Katia out of her comfort zone would get distracted by a runner dancing at 2 one play then the next play throw to 1B again forgetting about the forced at two. The opposing team hit a ball to rover and claud made the catch look easy. Cap Krystle would yell for Claud to throw to 2B hoping to pick off the runner, and by pick off I mean the runner had already almost gotten to 3B. Claud under pressure would throw but not with enough to juice to make it. Thankfully EricG would give Claud without an E her well deserved props on her catch.

“I like Krystle & Eric yelling, that’s how I make outs or know where to throw” – Sarah Rose

Finally the HR wasn’t taken #GuyProbs and Matthew SS extreme walked up to take his bat , he wasted no time and jacked one into the other diamond. Everyone yelled heads, diamond 1 ignored us, but luckily Matt’s three run shot would bounce off the post and injuries avoided the dug out would go back to cheering !

Matt, Frank, Dyllan & Layes with an E would all go 3/3, Matt hitting and running so hard that he would put up an in-park homer. Sarah Rose committing to running em out would boast a solid 3/4.

In the final inning, knowing we had to hold em’ Dyllan would decide to keep things interesting and throw across the field diagonally (two L’s). Sarah rose would run in behind 3B to clean it up and little damage would be saw. Infield would find their three outs and SBW takes the win 23-15.

A fantastic start to the season played by every single player , I look forward to being your captain this year & reading your post games.

Play of the game: Matt heads up throw ? home to Sarah rose when girl on 3B went home unforced. Keeping the inning no damage , getting the lead runner and making the out.

Player of the game: Layes. Pitching and we needed it. Hitting for base hits every at bat & cleaning up middle garbage.

Lesson learned: Throw to Matt. Forget what you know or think you know about ball. He adjusts for us. If he’s on the bag, throw to the bag, if he comes out for you, hit his glove for he relay. Throw to matty, he’s got you.


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