Ottawa Softball Post Game 7, SBW Beer vs Smilin’ Devils

SBW vs Smilin’ Devils
It was a beautiful, crisp, sunny Friday evening and SBW had to overcome the strength and power of the Smilin’ Devils (SD’s) team. Going into this game, we all knew it would be a hard fought battle between two titans… Well, maybe more of a David vs. Goliath sort of fight.
Thus begins Chapter One of this story, as SBW goes on the defensive as the home team. It was a tough start as the SD’s came out swinging hard and hitting gaps. The game was kept close by getting the balls in quick to the cut-offs. With 2 out and runners advancing, Daniel throws a ball home from center field. Fox, clearly day dreaming about one day being the first female MLB player for the Blue Jays and just misses the catch. All ends well, as SBW gets the last out and keeps SD’s runners stranded on bases.
Moving to offence SBW starts off with Alex hitting the ball with the end of his bat making it on to first base with a frazzled Paul Mohawk on 3B. Daniel gets an RBI by hitting a solid double through the center of the diamond to bring Alex home. Krystle gets the next hit through 2B, while Daniel baits the throw home by running hard to the commitment line, Krystle decides not to be an aggressive base runner and stays safely on 1B. This would eventually cost us 2 outs by a forced play to end the first inning.
Chapter Two only has one highlight, which was; Alex making an amazing grab at SS that made SD’s rethink hitting through the in-field. SBW had a great defensive inning but could not take advantage as their offence couldn’t produce any runs.
Chapter Three is basically just a repeat of Chapter Two but with some defensive skill coming from the outfield. Bells, Krystle and Daniel all making catches to end the opponent’s at bat. With still no runs from SBW the score is 3-2 for SD’s
Chapter Four is basically where you find out who the villain of the story is and you’re overcome with that sad, disgusting, demoralizing feeling in the pit of your gut. That being said, this is where SD’s put up 7 runs to make the win feel so far away. Spirits were still high though, could SBW dig deep and come back!?
Captain Krystle decides Daniel should feel the dusty, dirty grains of sand below his feet for a change and puts him at shortstop for an inning. The first hit is a grounder to the right of Pitcher; Daniel runs and lunges for it and gets the first out at 1B. The second grounder comes straight to shortstop and takes a hope that handcuffs Daniel and he takes the ball to the chest, SAFE at 1B. Countless chirps are heard from the peanut gallery as a more experienced shortstop probably would have snagged that ball with ease. TO THE NEXT HIT! Another grounder, this time to Sarah Z at second base. She picks it up cleanly and under-hands a perfect toss to Daniel and he throws it to 1B for a double play. Thus ending Chapter Five.
I bet you’re thinking Chapter Six must be about redemption and glory?? Well, we get the bases loaded with 2 outs and our HERO, Eric Delisle steps up to the plate. Everyone watches in silence as this could be the moment we’ve all been waiting for, that TSN turning point to put SBW back in the game – BUT he hits a grounder for a fielder’s choice to end the inning! The pressure was just too much, I suppose!
SBW tries to keep SD’s from scoring, but they just hit too many balls into the gaps getting another 4 runs. Down by 12, Lynsday with a Y gets a single, followed by another (FC) single by Jaime, followed by yet another (FC) single by Krystle. FOLLOWED by a HOMERUN by Alex! Only 10 more runs to go… The taste of victory is so close… Nevermind, 3rd out. There’s always NEXT TIME!
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