Virgin Softball Tournament

Virgin Softball Tournament

One day only! Aug 19th, 2017 North Gower , 2 diamonds TEAMS ONLY 8

2300 Community Way
North Gower, ON K0A 2T0

Will be rec. Will be co-ed, 4 minimum ladies, rotating batters, if pitcher is woman, BC must be man. Any team that fields 5 woman or more in their line up will get a free team ticket to the fundraisor raffle.

A 50$ gift certificate for Jack Astor’s Landsdowne location has been added to our prizing! This will be a prize for both our A & B winning teams and in addition to the NSA prizing.

Your name on our trophy & photographs will be sent to our sponsors.


* Umpired
* Food & Drink on site!
* 50/50 raffle
* Fundraisor raffle
* SBW Water bottles, hats & shirts for sale!
* Great food and drink prices

Teams and all information will be tracked on our website



  1. Studs, Duds & Windups – Melon B *Paid Full*
  2. Tomahawks – Shelly C *Paid Full*
  3. Balls Deep – Jenny B *Paid Full*
  4. Les Saoulons de la Beauce – Francis S *Paid Full*
  5. The Fighting Mennonites –  David *Paid Full*
  6. BJs are better then Yanks – Alex T *Paid Full*
  7. Ouuulala. Ça CHATTE touille! – JF L *Paid Full*
  8. Brawlers – Sam B

Waiting List


Beerball Bandits

Smokin’ Aces


All stars

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