Ottawa Softball Post Game 9, SBW Rec vs Deloitte Dragons

Tonight the D team came focused and ready to play. After starting the season 3-0, we seemed to fall on hard times, dropping our last 3, and you could tell it was affecting moods. We were ready to slay some Deloitte Dragons.

Something was different tonight, there was a spark, and that spark was from longtime captain, part time short stop krystle. She seemed to really pick everyone up, dictating lineups and managing the batting order; she even grabbed a line drive out the air and checked the runner at first with a throw to melodie. Speaking of melodie, she’s been a surprising, solid addition to our team as a sub, and holding down third base, and providing timely hits.

Our fearless pitcher Peter kept us in the game, throwing more K’s than a rally in South Carolina. Katia continued to hold the fort at second base, and had clutch hits. Gee Golly Eric made another impressive catch in centre field, bobbling the ball, to get into the minds of the competition. Jeff was rockin and rollin in another solid outing. Sarah Rose was focused and in the zone, making plays with Ryan and Dupes and holding runs to a minimum. Dupes was solid in his utility role, and a real beast at bat. Allison had a great game as rover, and her batting is continuing to improve. Claud was able to show off her athletic skills for her parents/SBW megafans. Her father even chirped her up from the stands. Matt was a surprise late “in”, and thank goodness, his plays at short stop, his ability to hit dingers, and his circus-like acrobatics helped end the game. Ryan stopped being cranky. I think it was because we were winning. He connected on a couple of solid singles and helped bring in some runs.

All in all, there was an energy tonight we hadn’t felt in a while. The entire team was hitting the ball well, and playing some great defence. There might not be an “I” in “team”, but there is a “D” in Suds Buds and Windmills!

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