Ottawa Softball Post Game 8, SBW Rec vs Pitches Be Crazy2

For our eighth game of the season (or sixth, c’mon rain gods, wtf), we welcomed spares Melodie and Bells to the team to square off against Pitches Be Crazy, while Kenny and Cyndi were MIA and Claud had to represent from the bench. Unfortunately, the ugly weather from the day foreshadowed the results of the night.

Things started out pretty evenly, but as the game went on, Pitches Be Crazy kept us on our heels and gained a stranglehold on the game. In the end, they were victorious, but we totally had more fun and are way better people and I bet Pitches Be Crazy don’t even like puppies so screw them anyway.
Peter was a savage as always, batting a home run, pitching like a pro and bringing that famous team spirit no matter how grim the situation seemed. Matt thought every week was costume week and showed up as some superman/spider-man hybrid, leaping and flying all over the place and he even took a ride on the gravel slip’n’slide. Shelly was fantastic as always, and exceeded everyone’s expectations when she convincingly nodded along to my transparent “it’s gotta be the lights or my contact lenses” excuses. Seriously, top notch. Katia was solid at every position she played, holding it down and helping bail out the guys who were too nervous about writing the post-game to play well. Ryan was his regular self, playing his position flawlessly and consistently as ever. Alie started her batting roughly but by the end smacked the crap out of the ball, suspiciously after Peter suggested to imagine the ball was Jeff… Sarah came out of the gate like a friggin all-star! While running to first, she caught hold of the ball and just tossed it aside ‘cause she was NOT having none of that follow-the-rules bullshit. Eric also played a brilliant all-around game, although his spirit was visibly killed when Peter stole the home run glory that he yearned for. Jeff fell, because grass is green, the sky is blue and Jeff falls. And last but certainly not least, Claud led us into battle like a boss, keeping on top of everyone’s positions, batting orders, scorekeeping and keeping the energy up.

The results were a poor reflection of the efforts, and this mothereffing team is just warming up. Next week, we are 100% tearing the Deliotte Dragons a new one.

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