Ottawa Softball Post Game 9, SBW Comp vs The Evil Empire

With the weather turning out beautiful, for which felt for the first time in the softball season (game #9). The Evil Empire was a bit less Evil with FTG out playing for his other team in Kanata. Both teams were down a few players and had some new faces in the lineup, most notably being our Co-captain Krystle going down to help out the D team and living the dream playing short stop.

Hot off a close affair with the Lumberjacks and looking to turn it around in a real rivalry game, the Buds came hot out of the gates put up a field goal and a couple of rouges according Justyn with a Y. The Empire answers back with a 3 run jack and after two innings we were dead locked at two.

After a hot start from both teams, the Defence picked right up. The Empire managed to score a double play on some questionable umpiring. Pete and Tom were out in the blinding setting Sun making snags on the run. Isabelle with a banged up toe was a rock at first base stopping the cannon fire from America and Justyn for outs.

Then Kelly Hall came in to make a guest appearance and cheer us on and it pushed SBW over the top! Where some teams have a hit parades, we had ourselves fashioned double-double and made ourselves a double parade, capping out a major without taking a single out! The Buds defence was still up to task hold the Empire at bay for two more innings! Managing to take on another 5 runs in the 6th for good measure, SBW went into the final frame up 20 to 8.

Top of the final frame, the Buds did too good a job listen to the umpire asking to keep it to get the game in time by taking 3 straight fly outs. Evil Empire would do no such thing and started a rally to brawl their way back into the game! Not panicking after giving up some runs and a grand slam, the Buds were able to lock down the W and go off into the sunset with the win.

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