Ottawa Softball Post Game 8, SBW Comp vs The Lumberjacks

Ohhhhhh Canada!

The rain held off so that God’s favorite softball club could take the field on the last day of Suds A ball

before we celebrate our country’s 150 th year. Once Krystle finally understood the plate rule, we began!

Our Home And Native Land

Subs may not have been home for this one, but with the D team playing behind us and all the support

we had, it might as well have been. Everyone looked lively and awake and ready to throw the

Lumberjacks off their high horse, or whatever Lumberjacks ride these days. The enemy came out strong

but Suds would not be discouraged and kept it close after the first two frames.

True Patriot Love In All Thy Sons Command

With America 2 possibly taking in his first Canada Day in the nation’s capital, perhaps the Patriotism of

our country softened him up a little as himself and Jessica Leto had a little mix up at third base resulting

in a bigger crash than the state of America’s current economy! Like really folks, America hasn’t seen a

bigger crash than that since the Wall Street crash of 1929!

With Glowing Hearts We See Thee Rise

Our glowing hearts were at a standstill hoping that we would see both teammates rise. No great

depression followed this crash however, as Jess and America 2 applied for some Obamacare, and were

up and ready to go again! Speaking of rising, the ball came off our bats hard and often in this game. Our

guys and girls have a knack for strong timely hitting and this game was no different. The girls were

always able to get on base so that the boys could smash them home.

The True North Strong And Free

The crowd was in for a free gun show as these Buds north of the 49 th parallel came out strong and

flexing their muscles. We had two Jacks off the bat of Pistol Pete, a 3 run smash by Lawrie, a two run

blast by Justyn, a 2 run power bomb by captain Eric and a selfish solo blast by our pal Samuel. (Sorry

Sammy, I refuse to be the only one called out for riding solo like Jason Derulo)

From Far And Wide, O Canada, We Stand On Guard For Thee

When our Buds were in the field, we certainly did stand on guard in the name of defense. Even when we

were unable to come up with the ball smoothly, we were all able to at least keep the ball in front of us

to prevent any extra bases for the competition. Shout outs to America 2 for his fantastic double play at

third base. Quick snag, step to the bag, and then laser throw to first base.

God Keep Our Land Glorious And Free

The Suds went into the bottom of the final inning with a 15-11 lead and were looking for a glorious end

to the night. The Lumberjacks scored some quicks runs to make the score 15-14 with only one out. Buds

were looking for a miracle double play to end the game but it was not to be. I suppose there was

nothing more Canadian than a lumber jack swinging his weapon for a walk-off homerun and then more

than likely celebrating with Molson Canadian pints later on. Although it was a tough pill to shallow, we

should all be proud of the effort we put in against one of the tougher teams in RA ball.

O Canada We Stand On Guard For Thee!!!!!

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