Ottawa Softball Post Game 6, SBW Comp vs Pitch Please

In our second week in A Div, we had a bit of a late start to the game, but Marie-Eve and Seb both arrived just in time to bat.
Offensively, we had a pretty good game, with a 7-run second inning. Seb also had an in-the-park HR (thanks to a few errors by the other team) with some sweet base running, including beating a pickle play between second and third. Samuel also had a nicely placed triple, followed up by Marie-Eve having a beautiful hit but unfortunately getting tagged out. Jess was the next girl up and hit another nice shot, but standing up for a double after seeing what happened to Marie-Eve. Thanks to some help from the other team’s CF, Waylon had a 4-base error home run, made even sweeter when Pete was able to put it out when he got up to bat (“You’re welcome” – Waylon to Pete). The offensive strength kept up throughout the game, although Marie-Eve was robbed on a fantastic hit right at the end of the game.
Defensively, we also had a pretty solid game. Samuel’s first catch was the textbook definition of a snow cone, but he managed to hold on for the out. Justyn had some good plays at SS, including some good snags – and great reactions when one of the grounders took a massive hop right in front of him. Seb had a good game defensively as well, with some solid CF catches and a beautiful stretch at First. Play of the game was definitely Waylon at Third, with an easy catch and an absolute gun of a throw to first for a double play.
Player of the game: I almost don’t want to give it to him since he showed up late, but Seb had a solid game all-around. Runners up: Marie-Eve and Jess, for having great hitting games and making up for Krystle and my inability to hit off of that pitcher.

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