Ottawa Softball Post Game 12, SBW Comp vs FO

So here’s my post game: We won. We hit, we scored, they scored less. End post

K so that’s a joke for Krystle.

Seriously though, it ended up super close. Ump called tie game at the final inning but a score check had us up by only a run. A couple big flies and two brilliant double plays made by Merica 2 and one from Eric to Justyn with a Y kept us in the game going in late (holy crap those arms). Almost had more with Sarah Z having a huge hit but the enemy had her scouting report and spray chart and had her played perfectly

Isabelle managed to hit a triple without even having her cleats on (that’s some lady balls right there). Also we did cart wheels in the outfield between innings which was the highlight of my night clearly.

Not quite sure how Krystle kept some what sane with it being that close but she held her shit together (kind of) and in the end a late rally put us up with some breathing room.

One of those double plays was turned to get the first 2 outs in the bottom half and then a huge K ended the game and Krystle could breath again ?.

Peter brought a 24 of beer so after the game might have been the most fun picking on Daniel (although I attempted to get him to play for my buds tourney team… what can I say he’s a damn good CF PLUS I’m making him bring a girl.)

A drunken practice ensued after the last game ended and everyone went home before their cars turned into pumpkins.

In the end a great game and a shout out to all you folks for playing solidly since I shat the bed in the outfield (I swear I’m better then that)

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