Softball Reminders!

Softball Reminders!
Website/in out: 
Each week visit our website. log in , select “remember me” to avoid this step, just as you would any other social media platform or site. Select the correct game. Comment if you’re in or out for the game. The deadline to do so is NOON the day before game day in any sport SBW hosts. IF you know you’re OUT ahead of time, feel free to skip ahead and mark yourself out. PLEASE do not write in , in , in on every game all summer, this is unrealistic and unhelpful. If you don’t say in by the deadline you’re replaced. Everyone gets one chance/strike. Spares are asked to do the same thing, comment CAN spare or CANT spare on each game. We will ask you first if you do, with the exception of Tuesday A div, we will seek out player positions specific.
Social Cal:
Every game, social event, birthday and thing we do is on a neat little calendar. You can view this calendar on our website, on gmail and download it to any smart phone, ask me for the link. No notifications are received.
Post Game:
A long standing Bud tradition, one player each game writes a recap of the game and it’s posted on our website. Some players go all out while others will keep it simple. Post games are often submitted the next day but you have a week to write one. You can choose your preferred game to write or one will be assigned to you. 
Costume Contest:
Another long standing tradition, we dress up every year, we play in costume during contest week and win every year (the costume contest but not always the games..). We put the prize of free food & drink towards our end of year party. This year our theme is Happy Holidays. Choose a holiday, could be 2 people esp oppo genders per holiday, let me know  Everyone dresses up. 
Captain Week:
Not to be confused with costume week, do it up or don’t but just know most of us will and here’s a heads up. It goes like this, Eric has a weird obsession with the lamest super hero on earth, but his apparel is kinda cool so we all own the shirts and hats, so one week outta the year we salut our Captain , dress up in an alternate jersey. It’s also a chance to do laundry & wash your gross jerseys lol…
Our tournament:
August 19th, 2017. If you have a friends team, another team you play for that would enter please let us know now. All hands on deck! Come volunteer, drink, buy a tshirt, whatever, support your team!
We are sponsored:
We were sponsored last year and will be again this year. It’s important you like us on FB, Instagram and twitter, or which ever social media platforms you’re using. Building an audience is critical. More info to be released in summer.
RA tab:
If you go to the RA center at any point and order food/drink, ensure they add the amount you spent to the SBW’s tab. Regardless of sport/team/night add it to anything with out name on it. At the end of the year we get % back and it’s combined with our costume prize winnings for an amazing End of Year Party.
Summer Kick Off BBQ:
I think this is the 4th one we throw? It’s the Friday night after May long. We play 630RA game then go to my backyard for Eric’s bottomless Margaritas and glorious summer. All teams, fans, kids, neighbors are invited, come meet your teammates and the players on other nights.
Fundraising raffle:
Claud has taken lead on this. Last year we ran a liquor basket raffle, this year we are running a general raffle. We already have 4 Register Massage Therapy gift certificates as prizes. We will be visiting breweries to find more sponsors and prize ideas. If you have something you can donate or someone you can ask, please let us know. Basket starts at the Kick Off BBQ & prizes are picked at our tournament.
full sublimated  jerseys are normally 60$ but we are thrilled to have teamed up with Riel and LA Sports who now offer them at 40$.  We have logos and unique designs for each sport. Some of you have the other sport jerseys or the original jerseys, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing as long as you’re representing us.  If you want a jersey or a second jersey I encourage you to write us NOW, because once summer starts things get busy, in case this email hasn’t shown you that…….
T-shirts (fundraising!) :
Our Pure Sex tshirt campaign has started. 10$ if you pre order before Eric’s Birthday, Easter Weekend, 15$ after that date. Sell your Mom one, by one for your man, it all supports the team! There’s two designs & woman/men sizing. The white tshirt can be used as a cheap interim solution while you wait for a jersey or on laundry day. You can even where them to work since the designs aren’t our pin-up logos 😉
Absolutely no alcohol can be at any of our games or tournament. Open or unopened. We can be banned from the league. Please send me a message if you want to discuss more.
Water bottles (fundraising!):
5$, 28 ounces, almost the entire team has em, some have two
Team Funds:
Last year & this year are investment years. Money has been invested into products (hats, t-shirts and water bottles) in order to sell (over the next 5+ years) and increase profit. Next summer will be cool risky shade sunglasses and the start of subsidizing league fees (for those that volunteer in the tournament, sell raffle tickets etc). We are always looking to discuss short and long term financial goals and involve the other sports. Have a look at our fundraising page for an outline and list of ideas (plus what’s already been done, example subsidizing room costs for the Brockville coed and woman’s tournament last year). Be part of the discussion!
Look………. there’s always a way you can help the team. If everyone does just one little thing we will continue to be incredible. You can buy a shirt/hat/water bottle. You can purchase a fundraising raffle ticket. You can sell raffle tickets at work/school. You can sell tshirts to your families and friends. You can come and volunteer ump (if certified), bar-tend or BBQ at our tournament. You can update the player profile page (Mills is doing this now!) on our website. The point is, you can help, so just let us know how you plan to 🙂

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