Ottawa Softball Post Game 10, SBW Rec vs The Walk Offs

July 11th is the official “Cheer up the Lonely” Day and that’s exactly what the D team has done by recruiting 3 lonely people, with wrong names written on the sheet, that were looking to play more ball and winning this ball game 7 to 6. The Div D veterans showed us how to do it by making 2 points come in the 1st. After that, a Div D rookie really showed his gratefulness with a HR which brought in 2 more friends home and made the score 2 to 5 at the end of 2nd inning. He also concludes with a cannon ball in the L field in 5th. In defense, we shoed our skills by allowing 4 innings with no points. The 1st baseman hank showed his skills by stretching those legs wayyy more than I can and making that glove save for the out in 4th inning. The fielders were ready for the action when the pitchers were doing their job, and making them hit. The pitchers performed exceptionally by even striking out someone at bat!!! The blocks by the rover and 2nd fielder allowed to minimize the danger and ultimately win this game. But I believe the best play was made by the SS and the catcher in the last inning. With his cannon ball of a throw and her catching skills, they performed the last out at home stopping them from tying the game and make us add a winning trophee

 to our collection. And now, were all ready for Friday… Ice Cream day!

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