Ottawa Softball Post Game 9, SBW Beer vs Foul Balls

Friday, July 14, 2017
Although the rain held out for most of our game, the misery sure did not! The lesson to be learned here is that every game will end terribly if there is a negative vibe. Positive vibes, encouraging words, and lending a helping hand is what builds a team. I will be the first to say that I was in a terrible mood when I got to the game, and looking back now I regret letting work and stress get to me!! But supporting and teaching each other makes for a stronger and more powerful team…THIS makes a WINNING team!

The first few innings looked promising, with Mike’s homer bringing in 3 runs…Mills on 1 st and Marty on 2nd. In the first inning, Cameron strikes out…do you think when people are yelling, “straighten it out!” that the person is actually capable of doing that in the very next hit?? Well, it was a valiant effort nonetheless.

Captain Eric hits it out in the 2nd inning for a Solo homer…for some reason, all I could hear was Tiffany singing in my head…I think we’re alone now…

Though the buds were able to get ahead and stay there for most of the game, a few lucky hits by theopposing team in the final inning left the bases loaded and a grandslam causing a loss for SBW.

Going forward, nothing but positivity will come from this girl EVERY SINGLE GAME!!! On that note,
please see below!

Here are 7 Ways That a Positive Attitude Can Make You More Productive:
1. People Want to Help – A positive attitude makes others want to help you. No
one wants to get near the person who is yelling and losing it at the first sign of
trouble. Yet, everyone wants to come to the aid of the person who is smiling and
keeping their head high despite bad things happening.
2. Avoids Wasting Time Complaining – Complaining doesn’t get anything done.
Instead, put your energy into the positive action of doing something to improve
the situation.
3. Keeps Your Energy Level High – A positive attitude can lift you up even in hard
times. Boost your energy level by looking on the bright side of any situation. No
matter how bad things get, there is something you can look positively at.
4. Builds Teamwork – A positive attitude is contagious. It brings people together.
Others want to be around people who are positive. Nothing brings a team
together and builds relationships like positive energy.
5. Determines Your Confidence – As Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you
think you can or you think you can’t… you’re right.” Your attitude determines your
confidence and ultimately whether or not you can succeed.
6. Solves Problems Instead of Making Problems – Have you ever disarmed a
tough situation with a smile? (Try it the next time you are stuck at the airport.)
Positive attitude is sometimes all it takes to turn a bad situation around. On the
other side, a bad attitude can take a problem and quickly make it worse.

7. Helps You Make Good Decisions – Anger clouds your judgement. When you
let yourself get upset, you impact your ability to make good decisions. Let your
positive attitude clear your mind so that you can take appropriate action instead
of reacting to emotion.

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