Ottawa Softball Post Game 12, SBW Beer vs Pump Up the Base

Alternate jersey week (Captain America) started off with a bang… literally. During the opposing team’s first at bat, a foul ball hit a car driving by. For future reference, when you see a projectile coming at your car, don’t slow down to check it out!


The game could only get better from there. SBW’s bats were hard at work, as we managed to hit two homeruns in the first inning… oh Justyn. L  Despite this, Justyn was able to keep his shower-fresh scent throughout the game.


Krystle hit a nice triple and Sex refused to be outdone, hitting a triple shortly after. Krystle was almost killed by Sex and it turns out that is a fantasy shared by most of the team. Krystle followed that up with an in-the-park homerun, and Mills hit a beautiful sac fly. Too bad the center fielder could not only catch anything hit her way but could get the balls in way too fast, turning some nice hits into outs.


Defensively the team stayed strong, with three of our fielders making a single catch at second base for the highlight of the game. SBW won the game handily.


We salute you, Captain Eric!

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