A look ahead, 2018 what you can expect from Suds, Buds & Windmills!

For the past four years I have sent this email, letting everyone know dates and plans for the new year. A look ahead, 2018 what you can expect from Suds, Buds & Windmills! Have questions, ask us at Kravemas! Also big updates coming to the website 😀

Valentine’s Day: Deadline for all Players, all summer teams, for are you back, YES OR NO. No response by this date equals no.

St. Patrick’s Day: Deadline for all Players, all summer teams must be paid in FULL.

Welcome Alex: Our newest co-captain, Send him a congratulations email Alex@SudsBudsWindmills.com . This summer I am going to move to CF on Ddiv but ill spare A. If you know a girl who’s a solid Krystle replacement , please send Alex and Eric and email. MUST hit HR’s that count 😉

Winter teams:* Needs players

BallhockeySundays CDdiv Rec, coed, Orleans

Volleyball: Wed rec coed, Nepean *

Futsal: Monday, Div 2 (out of 6!), comp team, ladies, Nepean/Haven *

Summer teams:

SoftballTuesday A. Tuesday D. Friday Open. All CoEd,

TuedsayD will be lady strong but not flip, Friday is gonna tighten up some spots BUT I am playing SS ALL season so weaker in other positions, be okay with this if you plan to return/play.

Volleyball: Monday Rec *

Sunday BBQ & Practice: We are bringing back the old school Sunday practice n BBQ. Every week weather permitting, Dumaurier, then Krave’s. Note however, it’s NOT “BP”, it’s practice. A few of the girls and myself want to work on some specifics. Everyone welcome.

Tournaments: April Ambush April 28th-29th, will have a men’s and woman’s team. IF there’s enough interest we will also do a co ed team. Adiv has first dibs, this is a play to win tournament.

If you know of a REAL charity tournament that provides tax receipts, please tell us. We will enter a team and charge players just 10-15$ each (or merchandise purchase) as we have a new sponsor this season that will pick up the remainder cost!

Kick Off BBQ: May 25th, we launch the raffle, we play ball, we drink bottomless margaritas… it’s just tradition now… mark the date in your cal 😉

Alternate Jersey Week: This year July 9th & 13th, we will sport our camping shirts, just to switch it up, in either red or white. If you got one, feel free to wear it! If you don’t have one, think about your poor life choices. * we will NOT be participating in the “costume contest”*

OUR Tournaments: We are running two this year! We do need help!

Sloppy Seconds – Aug 11th, 2018

Accepting 10 teams, held in North Gower, 10$ Shuttle bus there and back! Looking for volunteers, ALL Buds, please let us know how you can help! Secret HR derby and the draw for our raffle will happen!

Sloppier Seconds – Oct 13th, 2018

Accepting 20 teams, held at the RA center. NO volunteers required, just teams. If you play on a team besides SBW the expectation is that you extend an invite! Sign em up!

Main Raffle: Starting May 25th we will be selling tickets for our main raffle. Claud is head of fundraising and Lyndsay with a Y joins her task force this year. Tickets are 10$ each, 250 will be sold, the large liquor basket is back and we are adding prizes as we speak!

Bat Raffle: More information to come in Spring

Sponsors: We have a few sponsors this year, so take a moment to share the love and recognize that their help goes a long way! One of our largest sponsors is Jack Astor’s. Have an event, book it there and tell them YOUR A BUD!

Patio: ALWAYS say you’re with SBW’s and ensure you’re collecting points when eating or drinking at the RA. Free drinks at the end of the season!

How you can help:

·      Secure sponsor prizing. Know someone or work someplace that can donate a prize to our raffle? Ask. Add it.

·      Volunteer during Sloppy Seconds – Aug 11th, bar tend, grill food, write post games, set up, tear down, update scores, poor out contraband beer, take photos, edit photos, make a video, pitch/catch in the Secret HR Derby, be a DJ etc. Seriously, just volunteer and help out

·      Secure teams for our larger tournament Sloppier Seconds – October 13th. Ask your other teams, make a team, enter a team or two!

·      We need A division girls for soccer/Futsal & Tuesday A softball. If you think that’s you, or you know someone, please tell us!

·      Share on social media platforms. Our sponsors, especially Peter H & Jack Astor’s are often promoting their products and special nights. SBW will share these videos/photos on twitter/FB and/or Instagram. It takes one second to hit RT, Share and/or the like button. When you share and promote our sponsors you’re also helping our Buds. No one expects “your wall” to be covered in these promotional posts but even just once, goes a long way.

·      Sell Tickets. We are running a bat raffle AND a main raffle. Sell tickets for it to your family, coworkers & friends. We already have the market cornered on the ball community we need you out there expanding our reach!

·      Sell and buy merch. We have two t-shirt logos available, hats , water bottles and necklaces. Buy em’ wear em




Heading into year two of hosting our Tournament(s)! Save the dates now!
Sloppy Seconds  –  Aug 11th, 2018
Sloppier Seconds –  Oct 13th, 2018

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