Meet the Staff

We have lots of people that help us out on a regular basis to enable us to make what has become the empire of SBW a reality, from volunteers and people willing to base coach and score keep every game for us to people that aren’t even on a team yet still buy and rep our swag and #LookYourBest everywhere they go.

Here we want to highlight those who contribute and the three support teams moving forward.

There’s also a single opportunities list of penis that you can choose and complete a task to HELP THE TEAM.


Captains for our Softball, Volleyball and Ball Hockey teams are: Eric & Krystle

Tournament Day Group

  1. Lyndsay
  2. Joshua
  3. Sarah Z
  4. Bruce
  5. Dave
  6. Drew
  7. Kelly
  8. Jake
  9. Alex
  10. Marty
  11. Claudia

Raffle /Sponsor Group

Website Group

Also our website takes constant work on maintaining it to get all of our information out to our members on a single source for all games events and much more. Bruce is the code master keeping things working smoothly and always adding and updating the site to make it bigger, badder, better.

  1. Krystle
  2. Eric
  3. Bruce
  4. JulieA
  5. Kerrin
  6. Claudia
  7. Eric R.

Merch Group

Inventory, selling, tracking, taking information and accuracy for orders

  1. Krystle
  2. Eric
  3. Alex


Eric deals with the finances and keeps lists for payments up to date.

As you can see this is a mammoth of a task so if you are willing ready and able to help out feel free to contact a captain and see how we can get you involved with the best that is SB-DUBS