Lady Buds Women’s Tourney May 7, 2022

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Britannia Baseball Diamond: 2805 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 6Z9

When: May  7th, 2022 8 am -7 pm

Costs: 46$ 

For Lady  Buds: Running a 50/50

Team and roles

Player Payment comments
Krystle PAID      /All pos not 1b
Isabelle PAID P              /1
Jenn PAID SS          /2, 3
Adria PAID RF        /outfield
Makaila PAID CF           /3b, SS,
Alex C PAID Taxi O   /1B
Erin M PAID Rover    / Bc
Claudia PAID BC         /2
MC PAID   P  /rover,
Aimee PAID 3b         /taxi
Tiana PAID  1      /P ,
Kelly A PAID LF       /outfield

Wait list: Alanna R


Women’s E Round Robin and Playoff Schedule Britannia Small Diamond

Game 1 –  8:00 am –   9:15 am Lady Buds v Ladies of Hollywood
Game 2 –  9:15 am – 10:30 am  *Break*
Game 3 – 10:30 am – 11:45 am  *Break*
Game 411:45 am –  1:00 pm Lady Buds v Foxy Pitches
Game 5 –  1:00 pm –  2:15 pm Lady Buds v Lady Demons
Game 6 –  2:15 pm –  3:30 pm *Break*
Semi  1  –  3:30 pm – 4:45 pm Semi finals (1v4)
Semi  2  –  4:45 pm – 6:00 pm Semi finals (2v3)
Finals   –   6:00 pm


The Bytown SHOWDOWN Slopitch Tournament – NSA Canada Slopitch Tournament Rules
** Score sheets from both teams must be turned into the Tournament Director at Headquarters **
** Tournament Directors have the right to modify the tournament format due to unforeseeable circumstances (i.e. inclement weather, no-shows/teams dropping out) **
This Tournament will follow the NSA rule book as well as their bat rule with the exception of the following rules which take precedent over the rule book:
Teams will be awarded 2 points for a WIN, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.
• Overall Points
• Best +/-
• Less “Actual Runs Against”
• More “Actual Runs For”
• Head to Head (if played against each other)
• Coin Toss
1. A team roster consisting of 19 (19 players) maximum must be submitted immediately after the first game. The batting order cannot exceed 12. Teams need a minimum of nine (9) players to start the game. Teams can play with 9 players with no auto-out. If after five (5) minutes following the scheduled start time teams do not have nine (9) players this will be considered a forfeit and the score will be 10-0. There are 10 defensive positions. To qualify for the playoffs, a player must be on the submitted roster. No player may play on more than one (1) team without prior consent from the tournament convener due to unforeseen circumstances. If a team has a player(s) show late to the game, before the 1st pitch of the 5th inning, then the COACH MUST:
-Announce that a Player(s) has/have shown up AND
-The coach MUST identfiy that the player(s) will EITHER be added to the bottom of the batting order OR he/she will be a substitute
2. For Round Robin Games, the home team is decided by coin toss prior to the game. Coin toss winner has the option to choose home/away. In Playoffs, the higher ranking team will have home.
3. All round robin games have a 1 hour 15 minute time limit. No new inning may start after the 65 minute mark. The final game has no time limit. In the event that the “last inning” is designated and called by the umpire, the last designated inning will be unlimited runs. The umpire must call last inning at the beginning of an inning. Once started the inning must be played out.
4. Round Robin games may end in a tie. In the playoffs, when tied after the “last designated” inning and beyond, the batter at the time of the last out from the previous inning will start at second base and there will be 1 out. All extra innings will be unlimited runs.
5. Courtesy Runners: 4 per game. Any person in the line-up can run and runners can be used multiple times. If a courtesy runner is on base when it is his/her turn to bat and there are no courtesy runners left and no substitutes available, the batting position of that person will be considered an out. “Pitcher – Courtesy Runner” rule – If a pitcher is batting and he/she safely reaches base and there are 2 outs, a coach can ask for a “Free” courtesy runner (WILL NOT count as one of the 4 courtesy runner) will be allowed so that the pitcher can have time to put on gear to be ready for the next defensive inning, REGARDLESS of whether the pitcher is putting on gear OR not. This rule will be enforced for all pitchers.
6. HR Rule – 5 per team per game – To speed up games all home runs are a walk off. All additional home runs will be an out. If a four base award is called by the umpire, this will also be considered walk off and the batter does not have to touch 1st base.
7. A mercy rule is in effect for all games. The mercy rule is twenty (20) or more runs after the completion of four (4) innings or twelve (12) or more runs after the completion of five (5) innings or the completion of six (6) innings. All games must be completed unless a time limit is enforced or the mercy rule is in effect. Mercy rule is in effect for all games including the Finals.
8. There will be no warm-up time (infield or outfield) allowed after the official game start time.
9. All bases will be pegged down. A safety base will be used at first base.
10. Steel or detachable cleats are not permitted – Rubber and Nylon only.
11. All games batters will start with a 1 and 1 count (1 strike and 1 ball).
12. There will be a maximum of 5 runs per team per inning – unless it is the 7th inning or declared “last inning” by the umpire prior to the beginning of the inning – in which case there are unlimited runs.
13. When reporting scores, teams will report actual scores, however a maximum run differential of 10 (ten) will be used to determine the second tie-breaking rule. The actual scores will be used to determine the fourth tie-breaking rule.
14. If the home team is winning in the bottom of the “Last Designated Inning” regardless of the score. The game is over.
15. Each team is responsible for keeping their score (check with other team often to make sure you have the same score and report any discrepancies to the umpire immediately). Immediately after each game, each team must confirm the score with the umpire so that the same score is reported to the Convenor. Each team is responsible for Checking the master schedule for game times and possible changes.
16. The pitcher must start with at least one foot inside the pitching zone (between 50 and 60 feet and 2 feet wide from plate)
17. The pitcher must deliver the ball to the plate with a visibile arc of atleast six (6) feet and not higher than twelve (12) feet. Ptiches that are not thrown in this zone will be rules as ‘illegal’ and cout as a ball for the batter. Batters are permitted to swing at ‘illegal pitches’ with the outcome of the swing counting.
18. A pitched ball that makes contact with the board will be called a strike
19. On a walk, the play is dead until the next pitch is thrown. (Intentional walks are permitted)
20. Batters will be allowed a maxium of 4 balls and 3 strikes. Third Strike Fould the batter is out.
21. The Re-entry Rule will be used for this tournament. A starter can re-enter only once in his/her original batting poisition. A substitute that comes into the game and is substituted out of the lineup is officially out of the game but can be used as a courtesy runner at anytime durring the game.
22. Bunting or stealing is an automatic out.
23. If a batter is injured while batting and is removed from the game, the next batter will continue with the previous count.
24.Any batter stepping onto home plate or stepping onto the board wile making contact with the ball will be an automatically out.
25. A batter is encouraged to drop their bat near the batter’s box. A batter carrying the bat and touching first base with the bat in hand will be called out and the runners will be sent back to thier starting bag(s).
26. Any batted ball by the batter that strikes the board will be a dead ball and “TIME” is called immediately with the umpire stating “Foul Ball” If the batter strikes the ball down and it hits the white plate and goes forward without hitting the board, the ball is live and fair.
27. A batter must ask the umpire for time at home plate before the pitcher thors his pitch.
Mens Division:
28. ONLY bats from the “NSA Approved Softball Bat List” are allowed. The Jacked Nemesis is an ILLEGAL Bat for this tournmanet. (If you are unsure about a bat please ask the umpire) (Men hit 12 inch ball)
Womens Division:
29. ONLY bats from the “NSA Approved Softball Bat List” are allowed. The Jacked Nemesis is an ILLEGAL Bat for this tournmanet. (If you are unsure about a bat please ask the umpire) (Men hit 11 inch ball)
30. There will be an infield fly rule — If you do not know what this means please speak with the umpire prior to the start of the game.
31. Fielding substitutions may be made at any time during a stoppage of play.
32. Any foul ball cought by the catcher is an out. No hieght restriction.
33. Trappers can only be used at first base, Pitcher and catcher.
34. Sliding will be permitted at all bases except home. Any baserunner sliding before, on or past the safe line will be called out. The other runners must remain at the last base they were at.
35.If the ball is thrown out of bounds (boundaries determined by the ground rules of each diamond) the advance will be two bases from the time of the throw from the last safe base touched.
36. Base Runners can only advance when the ball is legally hit or on a forced walk. if a ball is legally caught (fair or fould) any base runnermay tag up and advance at thier own risk.
37. There is an Anticipation Step on a Lead-off. Therefore, when a batter swings at a pitch, a baserunner is allowed to take an anticipation step.
38. A commit line is marked out on the third base line, 20 feet from home plate. THe catcher must touch the plate and or board with possession of the ball before the runner touchers the safe line or tochers the group past the safe line for the umpire to call an out.
39. Base runners are out for running on, over or infront of the plate.
40. Umpire decisions are final. They will rule on any situation that may arise durring the game. Unsportsmanlike conduct by any player will result in disqualification from the game and possibly the tournament. If it continues the team will be ejected. If a plauer is ejected with the line-up above 10 playuers, then that person’s spot in the line-up will be an automatic out unless there is a substitution available that was identified as a substitute at the beginning of the game. If an ejection takes a team below 10 players, the game is an automatic over and forfiet (10-0) is awared to the non-offending team.
41. Any team that wishes to protest a game must submit an official protest in writting within thirty (30) minutes of the game finishing. The protest mist be submitted to the tournament director at the Headquarters with a $500.00 Cash Depoist. If you win the protest you will get your deposit back and if unsuccessful a team will forfeit their deposit.
(Rules are subject to change – the rules handed out day of tournament will be the official rules)

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