Ottawa Softball Summer & Sports 2020

Ottawa Softball Summer & Sports 2020

The Ottawa Suds Buds & Windmills softball and volleyball teams will be returning this summer. Below, names make the list once paid in full. Deadline to pay in full is St. Patricks Day. These deadlines have been in place for years. If you have any questions hit up a captain! We are looking for volunteers to do post games and to help out! We can’t keep dominating and being awesome without Ottawa Softball and Volleyball players doing their parts!

Monday Volleyball:  Suds, Buds & Windmills
Monday Softball (B): Suds, Buds & Windmills REC
Tuesday Softball (A): Suds, Buds & Windmills COMP
Friday Softball(A): Suds, Buds & Windmills Beer Eh
Friday Softball(B or C): Suds, Buds & Windmills Beer Boys


Monday Rec and Tuesday Comp 167$ pp
Friday Beer 150$ pp
Volleyball will be an estimated 95$ pp. They take longer to come out with prices for volleyball but this is our ballpark. talk to a captain if you have questions.

Ottawa Volleyball Mondays

  1. Jaclyn (Paid)
  2. Sara (Paid)
  3. x
  4. Bruce (Paid)
  5. Mike Layes (Paid)
  6. Cameron (Paid)
  7. x

Ottawa Softball REC Mondays

  1. Thom (Paid)
  2. Katie (Paid)
  3. Sarah-Rose (Paid)
  4. Michelle CP (Paid)
  5. Gab (Paid)
  6. Alex (Paid)
  7. Eric Delisle (Paid)
  8. Frank (Paid)
  9. Biju (Paid)
  10. Jeff
  11. Norm
  12. Alex (Paid)

Ottawa Softball COMP Tuesdays

  1. Sarah Z (Paid)
  2. Kim (Paid)
  3. Adria (paid)
  4. Krystle (paid)
  5. Lisa ($$$$$$)
  6. Pete (Paid)
  7. Justyn (Paid)
  8. Jeremy (Paid)
  9. Wes (Paid)
  10. Dylan (Paid)
  11. Alex (Paid)
  12. Eric (Paid)

Ottawa Softball Beer Eh Fridays

  1. Krystle (Paid)
  2. Claudia (Paid)
  3. Anne (Paid)
  4. Kim (Paid)
  5. Tiana ($$$$$)
  6. Bells 1/2 (Paid)
  7. Alex 3B (Paid)
  8. Dupes (Paid)
  9. Rich (Paid)
  10. Jacob (Paid)
  11. Yves (Paid)
  12. Justin

Ottawa Softball Beer Boys Fridays

  1. Sarah Z (Paid) 2B
  2. Heather (Paid) 3B
  3. Sarah-Rose (Paid) BC
  4. Sophie (Paid) Taxi
  5. Kerrin (Paid) Rover
  6. X
  7. Eric (Paid) P
  8. Frank (Paid) LF
  9. Dyllan (Paid)
  10. Steve V
  11. Cameron (Paid) SS
  12. Sidney (Paid) CF

**We have rounded up by 1-2$ to have an even number and build team funds, team funds pay for last minute drop outs, jersey mess ups, team bats, charity donations, website hosting etc, if you want to know more about our financials please sit on the committee or in general be more involved esp over winter**

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  • Krystle

    Comment here back or not anytime. FULL payment due Kravemas

  • Mélissa Keene

    Newbie here. Too late to register I suppose?

  • Krystle


    Yeah, we are full for winter Ballhockey BUT when the schedule drops simple click CAN or CANT spare on every game. Even if you can’t make it, remember to indicate so. Captains always reach out to those who have indicated their availability!

    Remember to follow us on Facebook & Instagram too!

    When summer hits we have four softball teams & Volleyball so I am sure we can get you on one of those.

  • Mélissa Keene

    Thanks! Will keep an eye on being able to spare. I was trying to figure out how to do that, thanks for the info. Do I need to purchase a jersey as a spare?

  • blank
    Rich LaRose

    I’m back for Softball

  • blank
    Amanda Mills

    I am out for softball this summer. I can probably spare sometimes but unfortunately cannot fully commit:( Sorry guys!

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  • Krystle

    Hello David G,

    As requested, we will be refunding your money. We are still waiting to hear what your Dad’s email address is so we can send the email transfer effective immediately.

    We will be refunding Monday’s payment and the half payment for Friday you sent, since team funds paid the remaining for your help with web mark up.

    Thank you.

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