Holiday 2019 – Christmas Crush

Softball season has passed in Ottawa and Krystle has given birth and on mat leave making her more extra then normal. Plus it’s the holidays now so we have super-plus-extra-extra Krystle coming up with dumb shit to post on site….

And so brought to you by Bitch why did you get knocked up but like your baby is pretty cute comes: X# of Thoughts I had on Christmas Crush a Hallmark xmas movie review/commentary/possible drunken gibberish

With: Krystle Drew and Bruce

Opening scene :
What’s with the fashion themes and also the poor main damsel in distress is always so Cinderella ….

Do all Mom’s want their single daughters to find someone over the holidays

Aw …. oh look she’s a good person she gave the janitor a gift ?

Is this football mixing with hallmark? Holy fuck my worlds are colliding

Are they seriously having a high-school reunion during the holidays ?

Everyone comes home tho – Bruce n Drew


only gonna hate the Dad for being less supportive when our main character is a judgmental bitch towards models

Wow , they all got gift cards for secret Santa

Is he gonna hit her in the face with a football ? – Drew
Close enough – Bruce
So for real the best friend is straight right? – Krystle

I like the bitchy mean girl more than the main character

Is she seriously stealing from random high school kids clothing front their locker instead of just leaving and changing ?

Okay No one noticed the key taped to the top of the locker all these years AND the code is the locker number …..???

THAT’S where you draw the line ? – Drew

The friend is amazing I don’t even care -Krystle

Random locker sweater matches her outfit perfectly …. ?

Okay this entire scene about the periodic table needs to be removed WHAT THE FUCK did I just watched

I feel like Mean Girls did it first and its crazy lame butttt why do I sanctimoniously feel the need to learn a sexy Xmas dance about peace on earth and “perform” it at this years Kravemas ?

No amount of alc could make someone cheer in front of the school like that… to the friend is super cute …. (obviously Krystle )

They didn’t even TRY to make the characters younger looking in the throw backs

Okay I like the blond mean girl ??‍♀️ sorry not sorry

Should I give more speeches? (Posters note: NO!!!!) Do my drunk declarations count as speeches ? (Poster’s note again: Yes they do)

I feel like if someone calls me “sport” I’d be done then let alone the cheating …

I know that it’s obvi she’s suppose to be with the cute best friend she’s always over looked but I mean seriously these best guy friends are always low key attractive as fuck … they need to cast better for porn movies , maybe the director of Hallmark needs to like work for Porn Hub or launch a lady geared one…

Yo I’ve wanted that best friend to end up with the jockish dude , also he’s even cuter than Ben… ugh fuck I learned his name , that’s a mistake but she’s yelling it so hard to not write it

Okay I hope you enjoyed

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