Well. That was… interesting? I’m not too sure what to write as the game, as a whole, was abysmal. At the end of the day, we all got to get out and play together as a team.
There was something worth mentioning, though… Guys! Isabelle came to watch!!! How amazing is it that she has made enough progress to leave the hospital and come join us at the diamond?!? Highlight of the evening right there.
I think we also played ball in there somewhere.
Now that that’s out of the way, I have a story to tell…..
Many moons ago, when I was a little girl, I was on a solo excursion through an enchanted forest – rightfully dubbed The Enchanted Forest of Glendale. One foggy evening I stumbled upon a gremlin named Zorp. Zorp was a funny looking creature standing about 1 foot 4 inches tall, with a big round belly and a bushy tail. Zorp bounded up to me and spoke the language of his kind; perhaps not realizing that I wouldn’t be able to understand him. Zorp and I instantly developed a mutual understanding of each other and he agreed to accompany me on my adventure. We spent what seemed like countless days and nights exploring the forest together discovering all the wonders it had to offer. One evening, as Zorp and I were exploring, a mysterious light appeared in the distance; and deep down in both of us we knew our time together was about to come to an end. Suddenly, from what seemed like from the furthest end of the forest, a thunderous sound boomed across the land. It called to me. And at that moment I knew I must follow it. Zorp looked at me, knowing I had to leave, and nodded with approval. He then turned and clambered off into the night. It would be the last time I ever saw him.
Another booming sound. I knew intrinsically that I must be on my way. So I set out in the direction of the sound that called to me. I climbed through the thick brush and vines that covered the forest floor. Up and down numerous hills and finally came upon a clearing. I saw the light, yellow in colour, floating ever so brightly above a structure of some sort. The light closely resembled that of a halogen bulb. I walked tentatively towards it. As I got closer, another booming sound. This time, I could make out what it was. It was a voice. Calling to me. Nay, calling me. It was calling my name! I got closer in hopes of hearing a little more clearly. And then I heard it: “Amanda Marie Rushlow! Get your ass in this house this instant!!!”
Turns out it was my mom yelling at me because the street light in front of my house had gone on and I wasn’t back yet. Also, the forest was literally 1 tree behind my house and Zorp was my neighbour’s dog. Fin.

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