Starting Off The Year Right

Both Tuesday teams take the field at the same time! Eric (c) and Alex (A) will lead you on one while Claud no e (A) and I will lead you on the other! Afterwards, a quick beer to meet the players! Patio opens May 22nd, so will need to be upstairs! Next week we play back to back so I hope everyone on comp comes early to cheer and that the rec kids hang out after to cheer!

RA Bar Tab and Points
​Always make sure that you say you’re with SBW’s , when you visit the RA bar. ​This is critical to not only defend our drinking trophy but have free drink n food at the end of the season party.

No Rain outs
​ALWAYS plan to play. There’s almost no such thing as a “rain out” it’s often decided ON the field or after playing an inning. PLAN TO PLAY. IF it is a rain out, we will update the website immediately, share to social media (are you following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?), then we will email and try to text players individually. Your first stop for updates is the website.

​Line up​
​Visit the website and complete your in and out the week leading up to game day. Deadline for all sports, all games, all events, is NOON day before. If you want to spare, click can spare, we will “activate” you if you’re needed. Note that Jess has been activated for tonight’s A game. ​Note that four spares wanted in for rec, none were activated as we are a full team tonight. Notice that Sarah Z will run late to her game, so she’s made that comment and it’s been added by the captains to the line up notes. Tuesdays, there’s a few players that will bounce around, because we as captains need to fill gaps or they as players have expressed interest in playing on the other team, this will be indicated on website and we will also speak with you directly to ensure no confusion. Batting orders will be brought and posted at the game.

Score keeping
​Alex & Eric will score keep for our comp team, which means everyone else needs to pick up bats & share base coaching responsibility. ​Alex and Dan will score keep for Friday’s Beer team which means everyone else needs to pick up bats and share base coaching responsibilities. We will still need volunteers each game to score keep. Dan , Alex & Eric may be both busy or away a game sometimes they have to pee… We are tracking fielders choice, Base on Balls & properly tracking stats to help with playoff line ups, give shout outs, and post games. We don’t need the full “DP 1 – 3” but we absolutly need correct tallies & correct hits. If you are unsure how to score keep this is a good game to speak to someone who does know how and learn. You can also Google/YouTube it. Learning to correctly score keep will help understand the rules of the game, such as tagging up (which we discovered a few of didn’t know in practice last week lol).

Post games
Each player on each team is responsible for ONE post game a season. A fun , friendly re cap of that nights game. Spares too! Have a look at past post games for ideas, sneak notes during the game, snap a photo of the score sheet to help yourself out. SPARES are included in this too. Tonight Eric and I are writing them.

BBQ – Launch Party
Next Friday, May 25th is our yearly BBQ. Open invite, kid friendly until a soft 9pm and the launch of our raffle! We have multiple prizes and the draw is at our first tournament Aug 11th. We hope that you will each attend the BBQ, share our launch post on FB, buy a ticket and sell 2 tickets! Speak to Claud and Lynsday if you have any questions!

Jerseys & looking your best
Please remind me if you purchased swag and I have it. Mike Lays, I know your jersey but anyone else? Also, if you want to buy a trucker hat necklace or water bottle message me now! They are in stock. Want a jersey, sweater, white shirt (Fox I know.. 😀 ) , or flex fit? Let us know so we can put you on the wait list.


​Tonight our comp team:
Tonight our rec team: ​


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