Futsal End of the Year Tournament Notes

Game Times and Locations have been updated to reflect proper schedule. Please check again and make sure to do in and out!


Here’s some notes league provide:


– All 36 Women’s League teams will participate.
– 7 divisions have been created – 6 divisions consist of 5 teams and 1
group (Division 6) has 6 teams.
– The schedule has been posted on our website.
– To find your team and schedule on the website, go to “End Of Year-
Adult” instead of “Women”.
– Games will be played on Mondays April 9, 16 and 23.
– Each teams will play two Round-Robin games on both April 9 and 16
against the other 4 teams in their division.
– Each team will play one “home” game and one “away” game on both April
9 and 16. REMEMBER, in the event of a jersey colour conflict the “home”
team must wear their alternate jerseys/pinneys.
– Teams will have a maximum of 30 minutes between their two games each
– Each team is to print a gamesheet for BOTH of their games on BOTH
– Teams must be ready to start on time or their games will be shortened.
– Each team is to email the scores to me from BOTH of their games on
Monday evening (or early Tuesday morning).
– The only rule differences from league play are (a) games are 25
minutes straight time, (b) no half-time, (c) one time-out per team, and (d)
call-ups are *NOT* allowed.
– As in league play, a win is 3 points, a tie is 1 point, and a loss is
0 points.
– After the second week the top 2 teams in each group will advance to
their group final on April 23.
– Tie-breakers to advance to the finals are (a) head-to-head, (b) most
overall wins, (c) most goals scored, (d) goals scored minus goals against,
(e) fewest goals allowed, (f) most shutouts for, (g) fewest shutouts
against, (h) coin toss.
– Season and EOYT awards will be presented on April 23. All players are
invited – free pizza and drinks – details to follow.

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