FallBall Expansion vs Treacherous Turtles

FallBall Expansion vs Treacherous Turtles
It was a perfect night for a softball game, a cool 14 degrees, against TREACHEROUS TURTLES. We won the game, however it wasn’t a promising start. No runs in for SBW 1st and 2nd inning while TT were up by 3. Thom had a near catch at 2nd. But as Eric always says “if it touched your glove, you should have caught it!” Wise words from a wise man.
Frank got the runs going with a 3 point home run in the 3rd, followed by TJ’s 4 point home run in the 4th. We finished the 4th with 7 runs, yet TJ as base coach couldn’t tell Krystle the points since he only remembered the 4 runs he brought in!
Eric got himself a solo home run, followed by a few more runs making it a 15-6 point game!
We finished it all off with a group photo taken by a member of TT on 3rd base “doing it in every room of the house!” Awesome sportsmanship!
– Emilie

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