SBW Co-ed Slo-Pitch Tournament 2017 RULES

The Suds, Buds & Windmills Co-ed Slo-Pitch Tournament (NSA Canada) 2017 RULES

Tournament Directors have the right to modify the tournament format due to unforeseeable circumstances (e.g., inclement weather)

Scoresheets from both teams must be turned into the Tournament Director at Headquarters

The Suds, Buds & Windmills Co-ed Slo-Pitch Tournament will follow the NSA rule book and bat rule with the exception of the following rules which take precedence over the rule book:

RANKINGS: Teams will be awarded 2 points for a WIN, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.


  • Overall Points
  • Best +/-
  • Fewer “Actual Runs Against”
  • More “Actual Runs For”
  • Head to Head (if played against each other)
  • Coin Toss


  1. A team roster consisting of a minimum of 10 players, 4 of which must be females and must be submitted immediately after the first game. There are 10 defensive positions, of which a maximum of 6 can be male.  A team must have at least 9 players (minimum 3 females) to start the game. If a team has 6 males, 3 females defensively, a male must play the catcher position until/unless a fourth or additional female(s) enter the line up. There is a 5-minute grace period as of the scheduled start time. If you do not have 9 players (min. 3 females) at any time after that, the game will be a default and the score will be 7-0. If a team has 9 players and is short one male, the 10th player will NOT be an automatic out. To qualify for the playoffs, a player must be on the roster and have played in at least one (1) round robin game. No player may play on more than one team without prior approval from the convener.
  2. When an injury occurs, that player’s spot in the lineup will NOT become an automatic out.
  3. When a player is ejected, that player’s spot will become an automatic out. Any ejection that takes a team below 10 players is an automatic forfeit. A forfeit is recorded as a (7-0) loss.
  4. Each team is responsible for keeping their own score. Scoresheets are to be handed in by both teams immediately after each game is completed.  Scoresheets that are not handed in after the completion of each game will result in a double-forfeit.  Each team is responsible for checking the master schedule for game times in case of unforeseen changes to schedule.
  5. For Round Robin Games, the home team is decided by coin toss prior to the game. The coin toss winner has the the option to choose home/away. In Playoffs, the higher ranking team will be the home team.
  6. All round robin and playoff games have a 55 minute time limit. No new inning may start after the 45 minute mark. The final game has no time limit.  In the event that the “last inning” is called by the umpire, the last designated inning will be unlimited runs. The umpire must call last inning at the beginning of an inning. Once started the inning must be played out. In Round Robin play, If the home team is winning in the bottom of the last designated inning, the game is over regardless of the score. Teams do not continue to play for maximum +/-.
  7. Round Robin games may end in a tie. In the playoffs, when tied after the last designated inning and beyond, the batter at the time of the last out from the previous inning will start at second base and there will be 1 out. All extra innings will be unlimited runs.
  8. Home Run Rule – 3 Home Runs per game. After the 3 HRs, any untouched ball that leaves the field in fair territory is an out. The walk off rule is used for both HRs and 4 Base Awards with the batter not having to touch 1st base.
  9. A commit line 20 feet from home plate is enforced, once the runner has passed the commit line, the runner must continue to home plate. Home plate is NOT live and there is a scoring line. A runner who touches the plate will be called out.  A catcher cannot tag the runner coming home. He/she must touch the plate or board (not mat) with possession of the ball.
  10. A mercy rule is in effect for all games. The mercy rule is fifteen (15) or more runs after the completion of four (4) innings or twelve (12) or more runs after the completion of five (5) or more innings. All games must be completed unless a time limit is enforced or the mercy rule is in effect. Mercy rule is in effect for all games including the Finals.
  11. There will be no warm-up time (infield or outfield) allowed after the 1st inning. The pitcher may throw the allowed warm-up pitch(es).
  12. All bases must be pegged down. A safety base will be used at first base.
  13. NO STEEL or DETACHABLE CLEATS are permitted – Rubber and Nylon only. Batter is out and must remove the cleats to continue playing.  NO BUNTING allowed; batter will be called out. NO STEALING allowed; baserunner will be called out.


  1. There will be a maximum of 5 runs per team per inning – unless it is the 6th inning or declared “last inning” by the umpire prior to the beginning of the inning – in which case there are unlimited runs.
  2. When reporting scores, teams will report actual scores, however a maximum run differential of 10 (ten) will be used to determine the second tie-breaking rule. The actual scores will be used to determine the fourth tie-breaking rule.
  3. In Round Robin play, If the home team is winning in the bottom of the last designated inning, the game is over regardless of the score. Teams do not continue to play for maximum +/-.
  4. Each team is responsible for keeping their own score (check with other team often to make sure you have the same score and resolve any discrepancies immediately). Immediately after each game, each team must have the umpire sign the score sheet and hand the signed score sheet into the designated area at Headquarters. Each team is responsible for checking the master schedule for game times.


  1. Pitching – If the pitcher is a male, either gender can play catcher. If the pitcher is a female a male MUST play catcher.
  2. The pitcher must start with at least one foot inside the pitching zone (between 50 and 60 feet from home plate and within a 2-foot chute).
  3. The pitcher must deliver the ball to the plate with a visible arc of at least six (6) feet and not higher than twelve (12) feet. Pitches that are not thrown in this zone will be ruled as ‘illegal’ and count as a ball for the batter. Batters are permitted to swing at “illegal pitches” with the outcome of the swing counting.
  4. On a walk, the play is dead until the next pitch is thrown.


  1. The batting order shall alternate male, female, or female, male etc. NOTE: At no time can the same gender bat back to back.
  2. Batters will be allowed a maximum of 4 balls and 3 strikes. A strike is considered when a legally pitched ball contacts the board or a batter swings at a pitched ball. Third Strike Foul the batter is out.
  3. A male batter thrown a four pitch walk shall advance to 2nd base automatically. Batter must touch first base before continuing to second base. The following female batter must bat.
  4. Once the game is started the original batting order can only be altered after advising the opposing team captain. You can place a new player at the bottom of the order at any time. Once a player is removed from the batting order he may not re-enter that game.
  5. Any ball struck by the batter and then striking the board will be a dead ball and “Time” is called and the batter is given a foul ball call. If the batter strikes the ball down and it hits the white plate and goes forward without hitting the board, the ball is live and fair.
  6. A batter must not touch 1st base with the bat in hand (even on a walk). The batter/baserunner will be called out.
  7. A batter must ask the umpire for time at home plate before the pitcher throws his pitch.
  8. All bats must meet the “NSA Approved Softball Bat List”. The Jacked Nemesis is an Illegal Bat for this tournament.


  1. The infield fly rule is in effect.
  2. Defensive substitutions may be made at any time during a stoppage of play.
  3. ANY foul ball caught by the catcher, regardless of height, is an out.
  4. Trappers can only be used at first base, pitcher and catcher. This is an appeal play.


  1. Four (4) courtesy runners Per game allowed, runner does not have to be the last out but must be of the same gender. If a courtesy runner is on base when it is their turn to bat, they will be considered an automatic out – unless you wish to use another courtesy runner if one is available.
  2. Sliding will be permitted at any base but home. Any baserunner sliding into home will be called out for sliding. The other runners must remain at the last base they were at.
  3. If the ball is thrown out of bounds (boundaries determined by the ground rules of each diamond) the award will be two bases from the time of the throw from the last safe base touched. The direction the runner is moving does not matter (e.g., runner at 1st advances to 3rd).
  4. Base runners can only advance when the ball is legally hit or on a forced walk. If a ball is legally caught (fair or foul) any base runner may tag up and advance at his own risk.
  5. There is an Anticipation Step allowed. Therefore, when the ball enters the hitting zone, a baserunner is allowed to take an anticipation step.
  6. A commit line will be marked on the third base line, 20 feet from home plate. Once a baserunner touches the ground beyond this line, they must advance home. This play becomes a force play at home plate. A baserunner cannot be tagged out at the plate. The catcher must touch the plate with possession of the ball before the runner touches safe line or the ground beyond for the umpire to call an out.
  7. Baserunners are out for stepping on the plate.
  8. The umpires’ decisions are final. They will rule on any situation that may arise during the game. Unsportsmanlike conduct by any player will result in disqualification from the game and possibly the tournament. If it continues the team will be disqualified. If a player is ejected with the line-up above 10 players, then that person’s spot in the line-up will be an automatic out unless there is a substitution available that was identified as a substitute at the beginning of the game. If an ejection takes a team below 10 players, the game is an automatic over and forfeit (7-0) is awarded to the non-offending team.

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