Ottawa Fall Sports Season 2019


  1. Dallas (CF)
  2. Jennifer (Rover)
  3. Kim (P)
  4. Tiana (1B)
  5. Melodie (2B)
  6. Sarah Rose (BC)
  7. Marty (Taxi Outfield)
  8. Alex (SS)
  9. Biju (RF)
  10. Eric (Taxi infield incl. P)
  11. Pete (LF)
  12. Dylan (3B)


  1. Dallas (Outfield)
  2. Lyndsay (rover) PAID
  3. Claudia (BC 2B)
  4. Kim (1B)
  5. Alexandra (BC 2B)
  6. Mohawk (SS)
  7. Eric (P) PAID
  8. Alex (Taxi) PAID
  9. Dylan (3B)
  10. Marty
  11. Dyllan PAID
  12. X

60$ paid to Deadline to pay is Friday August 23rd, 2019
Tuesdays- September 3rd to October 1st
Thursdays- September 12th to October 3rd

6 games *weather dependent plus Champs night *if we make it

**We have rounded up by 3$ to have an even number and build team funds, team funds pay for last minute drop outs, jersey mess ups, team bats, charity donations, website hosting etc, if you want to know more about our financials please sit on the committee over winter**

Ball Hockey Fall Seaons 2019

The Ottawa Suds Buds & Windmills will be Returning for the Fall season 2019-2020 at their normal place at the HTBHL league .

Fall season information. Cost will be $125.00 each. games will be played at there normal location (Saint Joseph d’Orleans) and the season will start September 8th .

Deadline to pay is Aug 28th 2019 – Krystle & Eric’s Toronto Trip


  1. Sarah Z
  2. Kelly
  3. Claudia -paid-
  4. Bond
  5. Heather
  6. Eric
  7. Bells
  8. Jake
  9. Levy
  10. X
  11. Riel