Softball Ottawa RA Rules

Rules for the RA softball leagues follow Softball Canada, then Softball Ontario then the RA House Rules

Top rules our new buds will need to know:

  1. Don’t touch home plate – touch the scoring line
  2. Run through the orange part of first base
  3. If you past the commitment line you have to go home.
  4. There is no stealing in slo-pitch
  5. A foul ball with two strike will result in an out.
  6. No Metal Cleats!!!
  7. Batting Order alternates genders (guy/girl or girl/guy)


Which bats can be used at the RA has to do with the stamps for what the bat is certified for. For new bats the primary stamp that is used is USSSA.


If your bat contains ANY one of the following four certification stamps, and none of the above four certification stamps, it is NOT legal for use at the RA Centre in 2019.

What about Wooden bats? For those who just want to go retro it is allowed. Although wooden bats might not have any certification stamps as long as they meet all the requirements of the Softball Canada rule book 3.1 a-i it would be ok.

  • Can’t be longer than 34 inches
  • Can’t have a baseball size barrel
  • Must have grip or tape on the handle.