Raffle 2018

$10.00 a number. EMT Eric@sudsbudswindmills.com

Have you had your eye on that sweet, hot little rookie who just joined your ball team but you’re unemployed like the majority of the softball league and can’t afford to take them out to a fancy wine, dine and smash it right out of the park night? Well, you’re in luck! Instead of tackling them on the field and begging them to catch your balls, buy a ticket to our raffle where you can win many prizes guaranteed to land yourself a date!

You feelin’ lucky, punk?!

Wicked Wanda’s First Base Date Night – valued at over $300! (oral sex guaranteed)

  • Booty shorts for him
  • Banana hammock
  • Masturbation sleeve for him
  • FemmeFunn diamond wand vibrating dildo
  • “Advanced Toys for Great Sex, An Explicit Guide for Great Sex” DVD
  • “Endless Shades of Great Sex, a Bondage Guide for Lovers” DVD
  • Legs Avenue sheer thigh high lace top nylons (plus size) for her
  • Pride Play handcuffs and blindfold set
  • Fuckery sexual diary
  • Dream Girls velvet blindfold, restraints and lacy lingerie
  • Legs Avenue body stocking for her
  • Orgasmicxxx sex boardgame


Get ‘Em Drunk and Shoot For the Stars Booze Basket – valued at over $300! (oral sex guaranteed, possibly penetrable sex)

  • 1.14 L Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey
  • 1.14 L Skyy Vodka
  • 1.14 L Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
  • 750 mL Jagermeister Liqueur
  • 750 mL Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
  • 1.14 L Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin
  • 1.14 L Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
  • 1.14 L Jose Cuervo Silver Tequila

Kiss Me Then Please Kiss Thee Dine & NOT Dash Jack Astor’s Gift Cards – valued at $75 plus free pan bread and free app! (french kissing guaranteed, dry humping debatable).

  • Take your outfield hunny to one of Jack Astor’s Tuesday Trivia nights and impress them with your knowledge of World War II!

Tuque de Broue Butter ‘Em Up Beer Basket – valued at over $35! (softball to the nuts guaranteed).

  • Gift bascket from Tuque de Broue Brewery values at 35$ which includes one of each of there beer, 2 branded glass and some stickers

1Claudia pelletier
2Cody Ackland
3Marie-Eve Paquette
4Pete Giles
5Cory Simpson
6Anto Francispragasam
7Shirley Coady
8Kim Gibson
9Miguel Simoneau
11Miguel Simoneau
12Terri Brennan
13Shawn Dougherty
14Kelly Hall
15Cory Simpson
16Danielle Beaulieu
18Jonathan Levy
19Shirley Coady
20Theresa villy
21Anto Francispragasam
22Terri Brennan
23Isabelle pilon
24Jamieson potts
25Cory Simpson
27Marc Bélisle
28Theresa villy
29Eric Dupuis
30Terri Brennan
31Steve Quach
32Susan doyle
33Kim gibson
34Sarah Z
35Alison pier
36Cindy P
37Alison pier
38Alison pier
39Sharon gibson
40Lianne smith
41Lianne smith
42Steve madaire
43Walter Gibson
44Mike Layes
45Terri Brennan
46Heidi durrant
47Brianna Szabo
48Heidi durrant
49Michael mccaugherty
50Rachel ryans
51Rachel Ryans
52Rachel ryans
53Rachel ryans
54Mimi galipeau
55Guillaume berger
56Mimi galipeau
57Lydia couture
58Dyllan Fernie
59Jake Miron
60Kim butler
61Kim butler
62Lyne marcil
63Lucas Armstrong
64Holly McLean
65Lyne marcil
66Kim gibson
67Cory Beauchemin
68Dave Allston
70Mark Kondric
71Mark Kondric
72Walt gibson
73Olenka stepchuk
74Adam dryden
75Adam dryden
76Scott jenkins
78Al raymond
79Dave Allston
81Marty amyot
82Johanna spinner
83Johanna spinner
85Josh Kent
86Josh Kent
87Rej Amyot
89Terri Brennan
90Nora McLoughlin
91Dylan cundell
92Nora McLoughlin
93Nora McLoughlin
95Kelly Hall
96Dallas Steen
97Hair lounge (toob)
98Michelle O’Doherty
99Hair lounge (toob)
100Blair Charbonneau
101Kim gibson
102Lucas Armstrong
103Kim gibson
104Lucas Armstrong
105Seb H
106Cody Ackland
107Chris dorion
108Mildred Steen
109Mildred Steen
111Amy cheff
112Chris brzozowski
113Amanda gallant
114Terry Muldoon
115Harry coates
116Harry Harr
117Cindy P
118Lucas Armstrong
119Harry coates
120Stephane st-martin
121Ingrid pruneau
122Alex Leclerc
124Chris Smith
125Chris Smith
126Chris Smith
127Kim Gibson
128Chris Smith
130Chris Smith
131Pierre Dryland
132Kim Gibson
133Debbie Gray
134Pierre Dryland
135Pierre Dryland
136Terry Muldoon
138Grant Marley
139Dallas Steen
140Dave Elliott
141Alyssa gagnier
142Ryan deugo
143Ryan deugo
144Jason Perrigo
145Nelio dicola
146Nelio dicola
147Lucas ferron
148Cindy P
149Lucas ferron
150Phil Downer
151Lucas ferron
152Sam D'astous
153Matt Peck
154Pierre Dryland
155Kim Gibson
156Steve Quach
157Angie greenlaw
158Katie bragg
159Jesse Newell
160Cory Martin
161Jesse Newell
162Paul Hempinstall
163Lucas Armstrong
164Pierre Dryland
165Paul Hempinstall
166Dave Durocher
167Dave Durocher
168Pierre Dryland
169Cindy P
170Pierre Dryland
171Pierre Dryland
173Pierre Dryland
174Pierre Dryland
175Lydia Dixon
177Lee kelly
178Lee kelly
179Jeremy Dixon
180Cindy P
181Ray Ouimet
182 Laura McLean
183Pierre Dryland
184Seb Bourgault
185Caro Bourgault
186Jason Jaso
188Cindy Metcalfe
189Michelle Maxwell
190Pierre Dryland
191Peter H
192Kim Gibson
193Manny Svidran
194Sarah McLean
195Laura McLean
196Kim Gibson
197Ollie Asselin
198Scott Jenkins
199Jamie Charbonneau
200Dallas Steen