Krystle tournament notes

  1. BJ’s are better than Yanks Captained by Briana *Paid*
  2. Dirty Ball Bags Captained by Daniel –*Paid*
  3. Tomahawks captained by Shelly *Paid*
  4. Les étoiles félantes captained by JF *Paid*
  5. Baseic pitches captained by Julie W *paid*
  6. All Of Our Butts Are Touching captained by Marty *paid*
  7. Evil Empire captained by FTG – *Paid*
  8. H2O captained by Todd – *paid* Owe todd $30
  9. Les Krakens captained by Eric Beauchamp *Paid*
  10. Screwball *krystle on it* *25*

Wait list

  1. Superzeroes – Elyse
  2. Brad’s Team
  3. Russ’ team
  4. Backdoor Sliders – Lisa

Thank you

Peter H – The incredible food. Your skills. Jack Astor’s supporting us.

Mike Lieff – organizing our umpires

Bond – Above and beyond in ticket sales
Thom – Every time I ask FB or out loud for help, you respond.




Season Post games done (requested by Krystle)


Alex, Lyndsay, Dylan,Marty


Sarah Rose,Frank,Thom,Jake,Krystle,Toan


Marie Eve, Seb, Pete, Julie,Eric