Clash of clan rules and Info

Suds, Buds & Windmills members I know and Co’s we have yet to meet in real life group. This will be so we can share video, photos, advise

  • Elder earned by MAX challenges. ONLY way.
  • Elders and CO are asked to do the following:
  • Ensure new comers are requesting any only and remind people how to get elder
  • Swearing is allowed but being rude and insulting anyone is not tolerated. Boot these people immediately.
  • Anyone who maxes clan games to be promoted
  • Giving CO is extremely rare and only given to people we know in real life or to people that have been around for a very long time and proved dependable.
  • Strongly encouraged to donate and to request any.
  • Wars will always be going and ONLY way to get into league clan war is to use normal war attacks and do well.
  • Strongly encouraged to save war machines for war attacks and not use them for farming fights.
  • We are no longer accepting rushed bases. Please decline if it’s at all rushed. Please talk to low level new people and explain how RUSHED BASES HURT US AS A GROUP.

Wars Rules

  • Carn will take 1&2. Everyone else needs to attack down and attack for 3 stars.
  • Bottom 5 ATTACK RIGHT AWAY. You need to use up your attacks, go go go, so that we can see if there’s clean up to do.
  • ¬†Middle range – Aim for 3 stars, if you are only delivering one its because you went to high! * Don’t do that again, also wait for bottom 10 to go and then clean up. their TH8 and lowers need to be 3 starred to win says Mayo
  • Scout, plan, Request the best, watch a replay if there is one.
  • When requesting make sure to say max troops and for war specifically
  • War CC’s are filled with a variety of max troops for WAR.
  • We are a war clan, what matters is war. Roll in with the best don’t be cheap, don’t farm, all spells etc.
  • Attack a base that is not starred first, if there are no reasonable options for you, feel free to hit something only 1 starred.