Clash of Clans FAQ

Q) how do I earn elder ?
A) max clan challenges
Q) How do I earn Co?
A) must be elder , must be recommended by other CO’s. Usually takes over a year and donations plus following directions helps a bunch
Q) Can we raise the clan trophies?
A) no, trophies don’t matter. We don’t care about level just loyalty and kindness . Anyone is welcome to join.
Q) Can we recruit and not open the clan , there’s better ways of recruiting?
A) sure , you do it! Oh wait , no ones really willing too sooo please instead accept that we open the clan between Sunday and Monday for ALL levels of players and it’s the responsibility of elders AND CO’s to repeat rules and guide the newbies
Q) What’s war schedule?
A) Regular wars are declared Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights roughly between 8-9pm Eastern time. First war of the week will always be heavy on new players as the clan is open from Sunday night til Monday war. Some exceptions will revolve around league war as we may take short breaks before or after. That said usually we will put in non-elders and anyone in league that needs a break to red shield if they don’t want in.
Q) Can I be in regular war?
A) Yes in fact if you are a new member we do not allow red shield. You will be put in war either way and you must use both attacks. Bottom members must attack asap once war starts. If you find yourself booted because you haven’t used attacks or didn’t attack early well you’ve been warned. Elders and up are allowed to red shield for war
Q) Can I be in league war?
A) Only Elders and up will be considered for league war. Everyone eligible will be put into war. That said the top 15 reliable green shield members will be in the actual war day. People will secondary accounts will only get put in if absolutely needed when we don’t have any other reliable choices to put in