Does it say on the schedule that the game is cancelled? No? Then it’s not a rain out! ALWAYS PLAN TO PLAY! Do not ask if it’s a rain out. If you have to ask then the game is on. IF the RA determines it’s a rain out the website will be updated first. This will send an automatic email to all those who have properly rsvp’d. After this, we will make an effort to update social media. The RA will only call games up until 4ish or 5ish. Anything after that is umpire’s discretion. We aren’t able to answer your texts cause WE are driving to the game. If for any reason people do not show up to the game cause they THOUGHT it was going to get rained out, especially girls, then we FORFEIT. If you don’t show up for this dumb reason you might as well not come out to the next game.

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