Suds, Buds & Windmills vs Dekes of Hazard

Suds, Buds & Windmills vs Dekes of Hazard

Our next one saw SBW taking on DOH and Krystle apparently lent her Dylan shades to the post game writers from HTBHL. SBW would open the scoring early as ninety seconds into the game Dylan Cundell would bury a second chance, 1-0. A minute later, Cundidally was at it again as he deposited the ball low corner, from half 2-0. Captain Krystle assisted both of these goals as we were short starting the game. 2 points in 2 mins makes for a 40 points per game in 40 min games. Reinforcements would arrive just after and Krystle would sub off reluctantly but was excited to join Sports Table with Alexander, Lanne, Max, Blake and new comer Levy. Krystle would share an undeserved banana split with Blake since the men crushing her at futsal hit her so hard in the feels #91 felt bad and got her what she bet him anyways. Jake would take it easy this game after crushing the hopes and dreams of every Us vs Them female in our futsal history

“Fake Keto” Diet would complete the natural hat trick as he was the recipient of a giveaway and wristed it top corner, 3-0. The rest of the half was chances and saves as SBW took the 3-0 into the break. Krystle now on the side lines would interview new comer Levy with co-anchor Lanne (probably didn’t happen I’m just making stuff up since Alexander abandoned his post as cameraman for a few minutes.) SBW held the edge in shots, 15-13 (somehow this is a thing this season. Sorry Riel apparently we only allow you to get shelled with shots and say it’s behind you when it’s already crossed the goal line but hey you are still our number one star earner to date.)

Claudia would bow out due to injury from a slash to the foot late in the second and “Says she’s not Cappy” was back at it, sweat pants and all. About twelve minutes in, Always Diet Cheat Day was all alone in front and buried a backhand, do you see a pattern? A minute later, Cubdlingings would wrist one home, while in the slot, 5-0. A minute after that, Sophie Filion would deposit a rebound in front and break the goose egg for Dom Giroux, 5-1. Emilie would have a good game marking Captain America, Sex still can’t find his jersey but wore his “pure sex” tshirt and Bells had a great game with some wicked shots. Passive Aggressive Helmet Girl would tell DC he didn’t have to be a dick like the rest of the team in the hand shakes, clearly displaying her penis envy. You can wave DOH’s 6-0 recorded bye bye. Well that’s all she wrote as SBW take this one 5-1 and the SBW crew would jovially skip off to the bar to celebrate Dave’s birthday with some #FunFree cupcakes that Jake (probably Lanne) made.

But in the end I think we play better as a team without Dylan


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