8 Alexander

<strong class="sp-player-number">8</strong> Alexander
Third base
Current Team
Ball Hockey, Coaches, Fall Ball Thursday, Fall Ball Tuesday, Practices, Softball Beer Eh, Softball Comp, Team Meetings
Past Teams
Ball Hockey
2017, 2018, 2019 Fall
How did you become a Bud
Answering an Ad on Player find, by complete mix up & a little bit of luck Krystle and Shelly ended up sparing for Alex’s Monday RA team. Around this time Seb decided to run off to Europe for a month & we needed a CF’er. Truth be told , Krystle asked Alex about some kid in a blue shirt named Cory who had a fantastic game. Alex said he would play if we needed someone instead… this was a little worrisome cause he had over thrown 2B just a few times in their game that night BUT he seemed confident plus was going to enter a team in the SBW’s Virgin tourney so, hell why not.

We had a practice that weekend, so I do believe Alex got told get in the car and was kidnapped for a few days. There was no looking back.

Alexander's introduction to SBW was playing Tuesday Comp vs FO, it would also be his first post game write up. Despite some bad luck in their first game with the A team Alex proved to be a perfect addition to the Buds even venturing out to the Annual Camping Adventure and surviving.
When and why did you start to play sports
I've played baseball since I was a kid and switched to softball at 16 to play with my dad. I started ball hockey so I could still be a bud even during the winter 😛
What's your favorite moment as a Bud?
Winning A champs last year as a single one but all the events and all the people that come out mean more to me then winning
Whats SBW for you?
it's my home. it's where I belong, where I feel comfortable and where I want to be i.e my home 😛
Favorite movie
super troopers
Favorite show
an anime called high school DxD
Hidden talent
Secret talent is binge watching anime
Favorite drink
Alcohol: beer ; non-alcool: coke.
Celebrity crush
Mike Fisher got my back stage pass to the carrie Underwood concert here and stole my wife so theres that 😛
Favorite Gatorade Flavor
I don't really drink gatorade but I'd say blue.
Worst Sport Injury
Tear to my should and quad. But always injured some how....
Biggest and proudest sports moments?
Going to OFSAA for track
Favorite Sport
Favortie Position
Ladies Choice

Favorite Bud Moments

  • Being kidnapped a few times for random road trips and camping.
  • Winning A div as a spare first year as a bud
  • The Drinking trophy was bigger then our A div win and was even more fun to win
  • Looking to my left
  • Having my inspirational speeches to Krystle being turned into quotes on social media
  • “be free my child” clap clap bird fingers
  • making all the dumb things Krystle comes up with way better and far more stupid then she could do on her own
  • matching swag everywhere we go
  • somehow my Kravemas gift was just giving me more SBW work and responsibility. Oh and fun dip, that was cool too.
  • Getting Krystle the men are like beer tank top and then seeing it one her slide show again and chuckling. She downward spiraled until she finally caught on and ruined her Kravemas gift. And then she lost it.
  • Name up in lights
  • Krystle underestimating me in basically all sports other then softball. Us VS Them futsal and putting up 2 goals in 2018 and 5 goals in 2019. She thought I was a C player for ice ice baby clearly she was mistaken. I let everyone play but her. Anytime she got near the puck and I was on I took it away from her


Signature Traits

little league tshirts, back pack with two bats sticking out,  losing everything all over the city, jumping catches, playing 3B half ass