History of SBW

Mission Statement:

To excel as a sports based organization that’s inclusive and welcoming with a competitive edge in all activities. To compete, organize and strive for excellence in all events or games until 2039. May everything we do include the option of a cold beer & welcoming to all including baby Buds.

Franchise milestones

  • Expanding to create a second team (Fridays)
  • Creating a website
  • Getting our 1st sponsor and buying water bottles as investment product
  • Creating a Volleyball team
  • Expanding to create a third team (Tuesday Rec)
  • Including Woman’s Futsal under the SBW umbrella
  • Teaming up with Riel and LA Sport
  • Running our First tournament
  • Creating the newer 2.0 website
  • Teaming up with Mike B and …
  • Expanding to create a fourth team (Friday Beer Babes). May 2019


We started by making a team, a  D team and we pulled together and won. At the time it was everything, and we started to grow and A looked impossible. Teams like the Lumberjacks and Woodies were giants.. – Eric
  • United Steel Workers (rocking way more ladies)
  • RA Softball Tuesday D championship 2013
  • RA Softball Tuesday A championship 2017
  • RA Beach Volleyball Monday 2017
  • RA Beach Volleyball Monday 2018
  • HTBHL Winter 2014 C Championship
  • HTBHL Winter 2016 D Championship
  • HTBHL Winter 2019 B+ Championship

Our history as told by Lyndsay with a Y

Let’s get something straight right off the bat (pun intended) – we’re not just a sports team, we’re a community. Once you join Suds, Buds & Windmills, there’s no going back. Upon surrendering, you’ll be subjected to celebrating wins, drinking over losses, insane birthday bashes, endless barbecues, and a Christmas party burned red into your memory (and your ass).

But don’t let our college girl attitude fool you – we also like to win! We did originate as a softball team, after all. While fall is for pumpkin spiced lattes and knee highs, spring is for training! Get your branded SBW gear and hit the field with us. We play in tournaments, hit at ball cages, join training camps and host our own practices. The RA championship trophy will soon be upon us!
So whether you’re looking to have casual safe sex with a hot rookie, find a place of solace and support on Friday night, make new friends, drink more beer, or simply play ball; join us. We’ll be waiting for you until 2039.

Still not convinced? Take it from our most dedicated players:

Q: Would you rather get hit by a Toyota Corolla or stabbed in the butt cheek (in the hospital either way)?

A: Chancing the car – don’t want to be sitting on a stab wound. – Sarah Zaikab, Friday night beer league & Tuesday Comp

Q: What’s SBW to you?

A: It’s my home. It’s where I belong, where I feel comfortable and where I want to be. – Alex Thomson, Friday night beer league & Tuesday comp

Q: What’s your favorite moment as a Bud?

A: When we won Tuesday Comp A in two games in summer 2017! – Isabelle Pilon, Friday night beer league & fall ball

Q: When and why did you start to play sports with SBW?

A: Way too long ago! Because I had nothing else to do. – Bruce Beaulieu, volleyball


It’s gotta be about something more.