Women’s Slo Pitch Softball Tournament (Gatineau)


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June 1, 2019 8:00 am Events 2019

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Slo Pitch Softball tournament


June 1st & June 2nd in Gatineau. Gatineau is located near Ottawa. We are going to put together a Women’s team to head over to the quebec side and play some slo pitch softball. Cost will be 30$ per person EMT as always to eric@sudsbudswindmills.com.mes!

Game times Saturday

11:15 Suds Buds & Windmills VS Queens of Malt
16:15 LPT VS Suds Buds & Windmills

Playoffs – Playoffs

10:00 4th seed VS 5th seed
11:15 3rd seed VS 6th seed
12:30 1st seed VS Lowest remaining seed
13:45 2nd seed VS 2nd lowest seed
15:00 Winner of 12:30 game VS Winner of 13:45 game


1. 10 players on the field. The lineup can have as many hitters as desired. No DH (if you play on defense, you must hit).

2. 7 innings (1 :15). No new inning after 1 :05. If the inning has started, it must end. We don’t stop at 1:15.

3. Entry fee is 350$ payable before game 2

4. 5 runs per inning, last inning is open.

5. Home team does not take last at bat if they are leading.

6. Coin toss for round robin games. Sunday games are determined by seeding.

7. Seeding tie-breakers :
a. Win/loss record
b. Point for vs points against differential
c. Most points for
d. Coin toss

8. Hitters start with 1-1 count

9. 3 homeruns per game.

10. Pitches are between 6 and 12 feet.

11. Anticipation step is permitted

12. 3 curtesy runners (can be the same person)

13. Mercy rule :
a. 15 points after 4 innings
b. 12 points after 5 innings
c. 10 points after 6 innings

14. Round robin games can end in a tie. On Sunday, any extra innings will start with the last out on 2nd base and 1 out.

15. Any ball out of play will allow the runner to take 1 extra base

16. Runners can tag at any base17. No contact at the plate. There will be a commitment line. Outs at home must be made on the plate, no tagging the runner.

18. Slides are allowed at all bases except for home.

19. A player must play in 1 round robin game to qualify for Sunday.


Player Position RSVP NOTES
TianaFirst baseAttendingPaid
Diana VestaShortstopAttendingPaid
Kimberly GPitcherAttendingPaid
LyndsayLeft fieldAttendingPaid
AdriaTaxiAttendingPaid - not ss or P
Marie EveSecond baseAttendingPaid
Sarah RoseCatcherAttendingPaid
Claudia PTaxiAttendingPaid
Michelle O’DThird baseAttending 
AlexanderScore keeperAttending 
Captain (Eric Delisle)Score keeperAttending 
Cassandra JVolleyballCannot attend 
Emie-Cannot attend 
Katie N-Cannot attendwaiting confirmation
Kim BrendaTaxiCannot attend 
Private: Amanda RThird baseCannot attend 
Sarah ZTaxiCannot attend 
Lindsay L-Cannot attend 
Katrine D-Cannot attend 
Caroline L-Cannot attend 


Parc Moussette
361 Boulevard de Lucerne, Gatineau, QC J9A, Canada

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