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September 20, 2019 4:30 pm Events 2019

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Thank you

This year the end of season party where we cash in points with the RA center will be giving priority to those who have contributed to SBW ensuring we were able to meet our yearly goals and objectives and kept Eric & I from doing everything ourselves.

It’s incredibly important to me to recognize the contributions of Buds and highlight their work and effort. I will be doing so on the website event now and leading up to the Thank You event. Please help me in thanking those who have by letting a captain know who contributed and how. Efforts are tracked in our Roles and Responsibility file on FaceBook group for SBW volunteers. 

I have provided ample opportunity for all Buds to get involved, I have begged & pleaded for assistance in person, on Facebook, on Instagram, in emails and on our website.

This is not to say those not helping/volunteering will not be invited or receive free food/drink but we simply do not guarantee it this year. Everyone is of course welcome to join and plan to pay their own tab unless otherwise indicated. As always a mandatory RSVP is required for ALL participants before August 30th , 2019 NOON with drink preferences in the comments.




RA Centre, Ottawa, ON K1H, Canada

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