Ice Ice Baby 2019 – Ottawa Event


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January 12, 2019 10:30 pm Events 2019

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Suds, Buds & Windmills invites all Ottawa based sport players to play some ice hockey. Ice Ice Baby is a long standing tradition where our barely good at softball and ballhockey team(s) try their hand at ice hockey. The event always takes place in Ottawa.

Alright if you have not already, please pay Eric Delisle today before midnight!

FULL information is on the WEBSITE. As always. CHECK THE WEBSITE.

Everyone please bring a black and a white jersey. Bond ill get you on black and someone else asked me for white.. a girl.. Try and bring a helmet , leave it on the bench for all I care. If you have gear feel free to wear it , but as always we expect and accept to see jeans and figure skates. I JUST got gear and I am so excited to wear it and match @Bond… but make no mistakes this is dress up for me ha ha. #LGPG does not apply.

Those who don’t have a stick/helmet send PM to whom said would bring you one!

No slap shots. The puck does not leave the ice at anytime ever re: incident of 2018 that Kelly dealt with #YouGoGirl. Not even during warm up, people have their heads down and/or don’t have gear. This is tim bit shinny. Know that. Accept that. Be that.

Lyndsay is not allowed near the music re Ice Ice Baby 2017 (there was two last year).

There’s four locker rooms. Eric and I take the first one, you’re welcome to take the others or join us. In 5 years and 7 games the last locker room has always been empty, so go there if you want privacy. The showers are shared between the rooms. The key is left in the doors so don’t leave valuables (tho again in 7 games it’s never been an issue).

NO VISIBLE drugs or alcohol WHAT SO EVER.

The ice will be cleaned after an hour, goalies will swap sides then.


Player Position RSVP NOTES
Mike LayesGoalieAttendingpaid
KrystleTeam WhiteAttendingpaid
Dylan CundellTeam WhiteAttendingpaid
Jake MironTeam WhiteAttendingpaid
Dyllan FernieTeam WhiteAttending 
HeatherTeam WhiteAttendingpaid
Private: Emilie LTeam WhiteAttendingpaid
Bells (Marc Bélisle)Team WhiteAttendingpaid
Bond PTeam WhiteAttendingpaid
CameronTeam BlackAttendingpaid
RussTeam WhiteAttendingpaid
Claudia PTeam BlackAttendingpaid
Captain (Eric Delisle)Team BlackAttendingpaid
Nick GrattonTeam BlackAttending 
Private: Eric GTeam BlackAttendingpaid
Alicia MTeam BlackAttendingpaid
Cynthia MTeam BlackAttendingPaid
Kelly HTeam BlackAttendingpaid
AlexanderTeam BlackAttendingpaid
Jacob LewreyPitcher, InfieldCannot attend 
MillsTeam BlackCannot attendpay on 9th
Mike LieffTeam BlackCannot attendpaid
Private: PageauDefenseCannot attend 
Michelle P-Cannot attend 
Kaitlanne BScore keeperAttending 
BruceScore keeperAttending 
TianaScore keeperAttending 
LyndsayScore keeperAttending 
Jacynthe D-Cannot attend 
Private: Amanda R-Cannot attend 
Justyn-Cannot attend 
Sarah ZTaxiCannot attend 
David A-Cannot attend 
Pete-Cannot attend 
Daryl Drew-Cannot attend 
Private: Daniel Le Geyt-Cannot attend 
Baby Mel-Cannot attend 
T J Jessup-Cannot attend 
Terek-Cannot attend 
Julie W-Cannot attend 


RA Centre, Ottawa, ON K1H, Canada

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    Aimee Wilson

    Any goalie positions available?

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    Krystle Awmack

    Yeah you can have it! Layes will be one and you the other!

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