Ice Ice Baby!


Date Time Competition Season
December 28, 2019 8:00 pm Events 2019

Extra details

SBW is back making another run of Ice Ice Baby! Once again we will take to the ice and play “hockey” if you can really call it that. Originally created for people who don’t even own hockey skates to come out and play a game of shinny with the great group of friends that SBW is.

Can’t really skate? Not very good? Not only are you welcome but you’re highly encouraged to come out and play. This is beyond rec and usually comes with it’s fair share of shenanigans. Even if you don’t want to play can still come and take pictures and hang out or be a ref if you want! #SayNoToRoids though.

As usual will be likely be played at the RA centre.

We’ll go for a beer at the bar afterwards if it’s open

Final details like date and time and cost still pending but trying for December 28th!
Deadline to pay is Kravemas BUT if we fill up before then too bad πŸ™‚

Pay 20$ to reserve your spot.
RSVP below is a requirement as well.


Player Position RSVP NOTES
KrystleTeam BlackAttendingPaid
Jake MironTeam BlackAttendingPaid
Kris wrightTeam BlackAttendingPaid
AlexanderTeam BlackAttendingPaid
Bells (Marc BΓ©lisle)Team BlackAttendingPaid
TianaTeam BlackAttendingPaid
AimeeTeam BlackAttendingPaid
Kelly HTeam BlackAttendingPaid
Dyllan FernieTeam BlackAttendingPaid
Captain (Eric Delisle)Team WhiteAttendingPaid
CameronTeam WhiteAttendingPaid
Neil flemingTeam WhiteAttendingPaid
Kimberly GTeam WhiteAttendingPaid
Bond PTeam WhiteAttendingPaiD
RussTeam WhiteAttendingPaid
Madison ellasTeam WhiteAttendingPaid
Chewie (Ritcho Chu)Team WhiteAttendingPaid
William khansryriTeam WhiteAttendingPaid
Anto FTeam WhiteAttendingPaid
Seb bGoalieAttendingPaid
Kerrin RGoalieAttendingPaid
Jamieson Clare-Attending 
Dylan Cundell-Cannot attend 
Claudia PTaxiCannot attend 
Antho mcnulty-Attending 
David gordon-, Team BlackAttending 
Julia FScore keeperAttending 
DrewScore keeperAttending 
Bruce-Cannot attend 
Cindy puddicombe-Cannot attend 
RielGoalieCannot attend 


RA Centre, Ottawa, ON K1H, Canada

8 comments to Ice Ice Baby!

  • Kerrin Robertson

    I’ll be there as a goalie πŸ™‚

  • Tiny

    Taking proper photos, so wear your matching socks and jerseys πŸ™‚

  • blank
    Aimee Wilson

    Interested in goalie? Also, Tiana richer will prob play!

  • blank

    Currently I have two goalies kerrin and seb. Seb is a for sure goalie, I can ask kerrin if she would swap for player since she plays goalie normally in league and may not mind otherwise ur first alternate

  • blank
    Aimee Wilson

    Ok I can play out if you already have two goalies

  • Kerrin Robertson

    Can I get a ride please?

  • blank

    Krystle’s on the other team. She better watch out because I’ll be hip checking her every chance I get.

  • blank

    So far lol, Eric has to go over the teams tho and of course stuff might change at the game. You’re currently ranked as the same as Aimee.

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