Game 10 Rec VS Bats Outta Hell (H)


1 Inning 32
2 Inning 03
3 Inning 10
4 Inning 73
5 Inning 51
Final score 169


Date Time Competition Season
July 16, 2019 7:15 pm Softball Rec 2019

Extra details

Mixed weather is forecast, remember to go to the game! See you there, Frank.

We will have a new Teammate joining us for the balance of the season…

Center fielder Aaron Gregoire!

Welcome Aaron! 

Softball Rec

Player Position RSVP NOTES
Matt VilleneuveShortstopIn 
Katie NRoverIn 
Kimberly GPitcherIn 
Sarah RoseCatcherIn 
Alexandra CSecond baseIn 
Mike LieffFirst baseIn 
Dyllan FernieRight fieldIn 
Frank DinardoTaxiIn 
Eric GLeft fieldIn 
DupeThird baseIn 
Mike Layes-OutLate at work
Bells (Marc Bélisle)-Unable to spare 
Claudia PTaxiUnable to spare 
Dylan Cundell-Unable to spare 
Bruce-Unable to spare 
Guillaume BergerPitcherAble to spare 
Aaron GregoireCenter fieldIn 
Kerrin R-Able to spare 


RA – D4
RA Centre, Ottawa, ON K1H, Canada

6 comments to Game 10 Rec VS Bats Outta Hell (H)

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    Frank Dinardo

    I can schedule things more than 12 days in advance… lol!

  • blank

    YES! At least give us 14 days = 2 week window.

  • blank

    Guillaume can spare for that game but website won’t allow him to click ”I can spare” and he can’t leave a reply here too.. so I’m writing that message for him since the deadline is tomorrow 12pm.. thanks!

  • blank
    Frank Dinardo

    thanks, still haven’t heard from Eric and Dyllan

  • Mike Layes

    Going to be stuck at work late won’t be able to make the game sorry for the late notice

  • blank
    Frank Dinardo

    Got it, see you next week!

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