Exhibition game *CANCELLED* and Pete’s Bday Drinks!


Date Time Competition Season
May 3, 2019 6:30 pm Practices softball 2019

Extra details

** Update Contact Lyndsay For Drink Plans for Pete ** (6:16 pm 4/30/2019)


Unfortunately the RA is Cancelling practices due to the weather and the fields not ready to be used. Plus it looks like it will rain as well.

Instead of having a scrimmage we will have a small get together and have Drink for Pete – talk to Lyndsay for more details.

If you aren’t going to come by for a drink pleeeease take a moment to go to the website and change your IN and OUT to out. This is good practice for the season coming up and I will be checking to see who is listed as IN and doesn’t show up.




Player Position RSVP NOTES
Captain (Eric Delisle)PitcherAttending 
Bells (Marc Bélisle)Left fieldCannot attend 
Jamieson ClareCenter fieldCannot attend 
Private: Amanda RThird baseAttending 
Toan TrinhRight fieldCannot attend 
Private: Jonathan LevyCatcherCannot attend 
Bond PRight fieldAttending 
Private: Daniel Le GeytPitcherAttending 
ThomasinaRoverCannot attend 
AlexanderFirst baseCannot attend 
MartyTaxiCannot attend 
Private: Michelle IngThird baseAttending 
Claudia PSecond baseAttending 
PeteLeft fieldAttending 
Sarah RoseCatcherAttending 
Mike LieffFirst baseCannot attend 
Peter HPitcherCannot attend 
Frank DinardoRight fieldCannot attend 
Michelle PThird baseCannot attend 
T J Jessup-Attending 
Sonny Smith-Attending 
Brianna SCatcherAttending 
Kim Brenda-Attending 
Guillaume BergerPitcherCannot attend 


RA – D3
RA Centre, Ottawa, ON K1H, Canada

8 comments to Exhibition game *CANCELLED* and Pete’s Bday Drinks!

  • blank

    Who’s eligible to play in this game?

  • blank
    Krystle Awmack

    All Buds. Just a reminder you’re ALWAYS going to be a Bud , you’re also going to mark “can spare” every single game that’s not a conflict this summer both Fridays & Tuesdays. CF is yours for this game. See you soon

  • blank
    Daniel Le Geyt

    I can play or just show up and drink ??‍♂️?

  • blank

    This would be a rec opponent so if you played it’s prob catcher

  • blank
    Daniel Le Geyt

    Catcher is fine. It’s a practice. I’ll prob be drinking in the backstop anyways.

  • blank

    k mark in.

  • Kim

    Can spare!

  • Alex Thomson

    can base coach or score keep, whatever’s needed. hopefully the fields dry from the rain we are supposed to get

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