Ball hockey Us VS Them


Date Time Competition Season
January 18, 2020 6:00 pm Events 2020

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*** Note date time and location are still TBD***

A long standing tradition of SBW comes to ball hockey!

It’s been a main stay in softball and futsal but for the first (Official) time we bring it to the gym floor in a ball hockey game. Some back room closed door dealings has Riel suiting up as goalie for Les Fems but the masculine bravado is not diminished. Even if they have Dylan in nets for them instead of playing out the men are confident they will wipe the floor with the girls and set their sights on another win for the all boys club. The women will be trying to stick it to the man and show their superiority and take the men down a peg or two.

Who will emerge victorious this time? Will Krystle have to beat up on some D level girls to get her confidence back? Come out, play, cheer (or chirp) and score keep do stats or write a post game to highlight the popping of the cherry in Us VS Them Ball Hockey edition!


Player Position RSVP NOTES
Jonathan Levy-Attending 
Jake Miron-Attending 
Bells (Marc Bélisle)Center fieldAttending 
HeatherThird baseAttending 
Cindy puddicombe-Attending 
Claudia PTaxiAttending 

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