Cottage & co ed charity Tournament


Date Time Competition Season
July 12, 2019 6:00 pm Events 2019

Extra details


Friday dinner:
Friday night lunch prep:
Friday night lunch dessert prep: 
Saturday Morning put out breakfast items:
Sunday Morning put out breakfast items:

 * hotdogs available at any time if hungry*
Thursday Snack: 4 people*  Eric’s signature hot dogs w/ chips
Thursday Dinner 4 people*  meat on sale or Krave to bring from home, potatoes & salad

Friday Brunch 4 people* Eggs, bacon, bagels,  potatoes, 

Friday Dinner 14+ people* Hot dogs, Chips, Coleslaw & veggies and dip (late snack cuz fri games)
– 2 Veggie David 1 Lyndsay

Saturday Breakky 14+ people* Ham, cheese & Kale croissants and coffee

Saturday Lunch 14+ people* Fresh summer salad Qunoi bowls & Strawberry Pretzel Yogurt dessert
choice of cheese, avocado, cauliflower, kale, asparagus, red pepper , zucchini , carrots, parsley and green beans with a middle eastern inspired sauce

Strawberry pretzel yogurt dessert

Saturday Dinner 14+ people Enchiladas & garlic bread
-No meat meal

Sunday Breakky 14+ people * design your own bagel to go with coffee
choice of PB, bananas, cream cheese and salmon

Sunday Lunch 14+ people *Left overs


White pine rented Thursday 11th -Sunday 14th
Red Pine rented Friday 12th – Sunday 14th

Click here to check out the cabins! 

What to pack

  • All of your ball gear, SBW jersey, hat, sweater, sweats and WATER BOTTLE
  • BYOB
  • Toiletries & personal items
  • Bathingsuit & Towel
  • Sunscreen & Bugspray
  • two changes of clothing and something to sleep in

Team Packing (don’t bring)

  • All of the food, items to consume said food and coolers
  • Ice
  • 2 folding tables
  • Team bats
  • Fishing rods and tackle *feel free to bring ur own too get a licence!*

Tournament info
All proceeds support the Pembroke Kidney Walk and The Kidney Foundation of Canada.


  1. Pam Vanderson Leaves Thursday with gear but Eric & Krystle
  2. Tiana
  3. Dylan
  4. Seb is taking his Bike but PamVan has space for him on way home.


Softball fee : 25$ PP
Cabin fee: 80$ PP either cabin
Food fee: 25$PP in little cabin, 20$ PP in big cabin
Gas fee: 10$ pp
IF Extra money will go towards firewood & Receipts will be stuck to fridge of red cabin

Send FULL Payment deadline: June 5th , 2019 NOON

Krystle notes:

  1. payments
  2. assign tasks


Player Position RSVP NOTES
AimeeRoverAttendingPAID 50$
LyndsayRight fieldAttendingPAID 135$
TianaFirst baseAttendingPAID 80$
Dallas steenCenter fieldAttendingFriday
SebCenter fieldAttending 
Dylan CundellThird baseAttendingPAID 135$
T J JessupTaxiAttendingPAID 90$
AlexanderShortstopAttendingPAID 150$
Captain (Eric Delisle)PitcherAttending 
Blake A-Attendingfreeloader
David AScore keeperAttendingPAID
Caroline L-AttendingWill know 3 weeks before
Sonny Smith-Attendingmaybe
MartyCenter fieldCannot attend 
MillsSecond baseCannot attend 
JustynShortstopCannot attend 
Rush (Amanda R)CatcherCannot attend 
Jamieson Clare-Cannot attend-
Adria-Cannot attend 
Yves lanthier-Cannot attend 
Claudia PTaxiAttending 

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    Amanda Mills

    So I won’t be able to take the Friday off work so I will just drive up after….also, do we not have games at the RA on the Friday night?!

    • blank

      I wrote the asking for games just sat and sun like we did for sketch ~ I’m putting you as a driver after Friday nights game which I’ll prob come back for lol

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