CC – Website Group Planning and Updates

Google Project meeting

  • What needs to be done and how do we split it up, bringing every single page created since the site up to SEO standards
  • How do we generate more traffic
  • Photos moving forward
  • Who’s ahead of us, how, why and how to do we shut that shit down now


Ball hockey

Eric update game scores and stats. Dyllan to upload post game. Krystle normally sends the post games in but Alex and Eric will. Bath photos like summer softball.


Bruce to update and link to events/pages.


Krystle will get people to buy jersey and swag and make a group chat. Info gets sent to Alex, jersey info goes on google list and sweaters and pants go on site page. Money gets sent to Eric and when it’s time to put the order it a picture will be sent to the group to veriy order. On plaed numbers need to be updated on list and on player profile.

To Action

  1.  Past community outreach added, Bethany Hope is missing
  2. Using the store start to finish, payments received, stock, orders placed
  3. Alex, Bruce and Krystle google plan meeting – URL tags keywords, blue print for all future posts. Will be made into a how to for website group.
  4. Update Four Fun
    – Update food and drink menu
    – Set deadlines
    – Update post rules
    – Bus poster/info , cost?

Completed past items for Bruce & Wish list

Completed items, must have date indicated, if a Fix, Bruce make notes of how /what you did.
4/5/18 – Menu sizing on Iphone FIX
4/15/18 – Updated message in RSVP to Alex
4/20/18 – IN or OUT, not “can spare” for events FIX
4/22/18 – Win or loss / final score added to all games Improvement
4/23/18 – Added preset questions for player profiles
5/26/18 – Put live auto email reminder for RSVP
5/28/18 – Fix FAQ
5/29/18 – Player profile share buttons
7/03/18 – Need Post game section on menu for ball hockey too
7/03/18 – Need Buds Give Back section and include coaching Little League
7/30/18 – Fix google map
7/31/18 – Put live new swag page beta version
8/15/18 – Shop/merchandise page Improvement
10/20/18 – Added new banner tool
11/21/18 – Fix player profile not being created on account creation
12/12/18 – Fix login link location
12/13/18 – Added options to hide or show notes , position.
12/13/18 – Added the options to show or hide the sexe color
02/04/19 – Added the options to remove 12 days RSVP limit
02/07/19 – Fix little bugs in attending list “Naming / Sorting”
02/21/19 – Fix the profile picture link between User and player
02/21/19 – Adjusted the player profile view
04/04/19 – Fix system emails
04/04/19 – Put in place new email template system.
04/15/19 – Fix some colors / common looking feel stuff
04/26/19 –
Recreated the code which create new player once a new user is created.
04/27/19 – Fix the scores in game and added scores in post games
04/28/19 – Fix inconsistency in the CSS formatting
04/28/19 – Fix google map “keeping a eye on billing”
05/15/19 – Fix up the raffle form
05/16/19 – Fix up the raffle stats
05/17/19 – Added login to the event page
05/30/19 – Added out button
05/31/19 – Fix scrolling choppiness
06/03/19 – Added the game cancellation feature
06/11/19 – Added user roles Bruce/Admin/editors
06/11/19 – Fix homepage featured image no more pixelated on mobile
06/12/19 – Added the RSVP stop noon the day before
06/12/19 – Re added the OUT option for game more then 12 days
06/12/19 – Improvements to the CSS around the site
06/25/19 – In/Out reminder changed from 7 to 2 days
06/28/19 – Added who we are text on home page
06/28/19 – the win / lose in the schedule
07/06/19 – Improved profile page layout
07/15/19 – Lock RSVP is page being edited
07/17/19 – removed new extra fields in user profile page
07/24/19 – Fix up the sponsor page
07/25/19 – Improved the page lock for RSVP and improved the RSVP CSS