Suds, Buds & Windmills vs Huskies

SBW were taking on HSK in our next game, which saw the trend of close ones on the night. The first half was fairly tame, as players were shooting, and goalies were saving. Except for when Ryan Daigle buried his own rebound. That’s how the first half wrapped up with HSK up 1-0. They also held the edge in shots, 18-15...

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HTBHL Sens Tickets

Just a reminder that HTBHL has access to SENS tickets at a discounted price which includes complimentary parking!

The price depends on the opponents and/or seats, therefore, just reach out to us if interested in a specific game!


Dan and Jonathan


#OttawaEvent #SBandW #Until2039

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HTBHL Sunday Gym Issue

From Dan Bergeron:

Hey folks,

We have been issued a warning from the school board about our Sunday gym.

According to the school, there was garbage throughout the hallway, in the gym and changerooms. They told us that we have two more “chances” and then they will cancel the contract.

As you know, it is difficult to secure ball hockey gym’s in the city so...

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HTBHL Looking for Girls

From Dan Bergeron:

Hello ladies,

We have a few teams needing girls on Sunday’s, therefore, we are looking for ladies to help us out by join another team at no cost, until they find a full time girl.

If interested, the teams are Soft Dump In Corner, No Regretzky’s, Goblins, Electric Mayhem and Price is Right.

Contact a captain for more info.

And please consi...

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Ottawa Ballhockey Post Game 1  vs FO

Ottawa Ballhockey Post Game 1 vs FO

Our next game saw SBW taking on FO. SBW were missing a key piece this year as Dylan Cundell did not return, which left a HUGE hole in their scoring department. It took six minutes for the first goal, and it was SBW who potted goal numero uno, as Eric Delisle intercepting a pass wristed one five-hole, 1-0...

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Ottawa Winter Sports Season 2020

Ottawa Winter Sports Season 2020

The Ottawa Suds Buds & Windmills  Ball hockey will be Returning for the winter season -2020. Ball hockey Games will be played at location (Saint Joseph d’Orleans) with the  HTBHL league and the season will start Jan 12 and plays Jan 19 26

  1. Krystle
  2. X
  3. X
  4. X
  5. X
  6. Eric
  7. X
  8. X
  9. X
  10. X
  11. X

GO TO SPARE or next up for a spot on team: Bond, $125.00 each. Paid to Eric@SudsBu...

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