Holiday 2019 – Holiday in the Wild

Holiday 2019 – Holiday in the Wild

SBW Ottawa softball team thoughts while watching Holiday in the Wild netflix movie.

Watching : Krystle and kinda Bruce & Dave

Is this how the rich break up?

Who reads a book about the place while in the place … I mean come on

They drive on the right in Africa ?

I feel like the hate on her for having money or coming from it sorta distasteful

Every movie ever the woman is wearing a dress when shit goes down and she looks so helpless Urgh

David: is this another Xmas movie?
Krystle : yah it’s Xmas in Africa !
Bruce : fuck it, I quit..

but Bruce sits down*

Matriarchal theme with elephants is kinda bad ass

The accidental run ins are a bit much I mean come on, only Sophie finds you in a random country..

Why does this dude have a tuque on? Isn’t Africa 3000 degrees?

This is the same as Die Hard not relevant to Xmas … – Bruce

Seriously there’s been zero about Xmas since the aug photo shoot…

Guys he’s an artist TOO , clearly he isn’t JUST what you see

Can we stop with empty next bullshit when mamma elephant ? looks 40 tops

Is this movie sponsored by Apple… – Bruce

Throwing the football ? around cause otherwise we wouldn’t know he’s in college l

Where did that blond girl go?
Bruce : the elephant ate her
Fuck Pluto – Krystle (HUGE throw back @ Eric)

Anddddd there she is the blond!

41 minutes in now it’s the Holidays

Of all the bad ideas I’ve had in my entire life I think driving at night in Africa is worst then any I have ever … esp sleeping in an open Jeep …

Oh look they dropped the word Christmas

“Eggnog ! Another reference !” -Bruce

Oh look background music – Bruce

I haven’t paid attention to this movie when did the son arrive in Africa ? – Bruce

Why do I doubt that Africa would have cell phone reception for FaceTime when I can’t rock that with Blake’s grandparents even ?

New York looks kinda cool

Imagine having a place like that in New York and it’s empty for WEEKS just untouched and coming home from AFRICA & there’s gifts under ur tree ?

I like that they have such an amicable thing , her end her X

Sooooo we skipped Xmas ? – Bruce
Ummmm happy new year ?

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