Ottawa Softball Post Game 7, SBW Rec vs No Glove No Love

Take me out to the ball game, Take me out with the crowd, Buy me some peanuts aaand Cracker Jack… What a classic, it never gets old….unless you feel old! Up against the No Glove No Love on June 22nd, 2018 and here’s what went down!

It was suuuuper quiet in the first inning with a run score from Dyllan Fernie. Next inning coming around, and our bats got a little hotter with 3 runs scored by the Buds, it seemed like everyone was playing “small ball” through out the entire game. Honestly, we were probably all tired by an early 6pm game!

Not a lot went down, both teams smashed a lot of grounders through the holes with NO HOMERUNS! Matt did a great job at shortstop with his 120% effort and slingshot side arm throws to shut down the runners to 1B. The No Glove No Loves had a few decent line drives to left and right field, but with Eric D and his laser-accurate pitches, he struck out a bunch of them….enough said!

Overall, it was “small ball” with dominantly grounders and line drives to score the runs. The No Glove No Loves were shown some love, as they scored 7 runs. Ump calls the game at the bottom of the 6th inning, and the Buds win it 9-7.

That’s all folks! Happy Canada Day!


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