2015 September 8th, 2015 6:30 D2 Bee Atches

Post Game

I want to start by saying welcome to the team and the Suds, Buds & Windmills Rhys and congratulate him on a good game tuesday. You made a few great catches and did well at the plate!
Thanks to Vezina for sparing for us. Dana for doing the scorekeeping and to our dedicated fans Guy Sam, Kevin who came after they won their game,
Besides the sixth inning I’ll be honest we had a pretty good game. Great job sticking with it after such a tough inning.
I could get into specifics about who hit what and ect… But we all hit about equal. Looking at the scoresheet I cant really say there was overall stand out player. What does that mean? it means we played as a team which is exactly the way it should be. We did a great job making contact, advancing the runners and getting those runs in so cudos to all of you for your solid play. (13 runs not too shabby! )
I know It was also tough to adjust to the speed of the gravel outfield… But now we know exactly what we need to do when we play on D2 haha.
Overall lets keep our heads high! We play FO next week so lets make sure we rally from this kick butt Tuesday and get a nice big W 🙂

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