2014 Tuesday Game 9, July 29th, D4 – 9:00 Vs Red Tape (A) Primary tabs

No post game this week cause baby duties and lots to prep for the 10th Annual Camping Trip!!!! BUT I don’t want the player of the game to go undocumented SO…
Player of the game goes to Kalina! Our LADY BACK CATCH. She snags the title for TURNING a  successful double play home to 3rd, her participation in shutting down the aggressive runner who thought he could get a HR but then I threw it in from the fence to my always awesome cut off Miss Sarah for what I am told by Justyn is called a “double relay”,  3 ladies were part of that play! …..  oh and the great catch from the great throw Pete made (deep LF) to hold the runners on all their bags (the ideal play in that situation). Sarah nominated Mme. Kalina and added that the other team was commenting on how awesome her game was. She DOES has my name on her shirt.. so clearly I am always going to think she is #1.
Next week Tuesday we have Trevor in for him! Kalina is backkk Tuesday to replace Alison and if you haven’t already please post your attendance on the website. Please be ready to bring your A game peeps!

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