2014 Tuesday Game 4 – June 17th, D3 – 7:45 Vs Red Tape (H) – COSTUME DAY

And we get rained out again! We did luck out to get 2.5 innings in this time at least!

Sarah was kind enough to take down some highs and lows for this game that did not happen.


-Eric had a sweet triple
-Justyn had a four ball walk- great patience
-2 no run innings defensively after giving up 5 in the first
-people running it out – got a few on first with the weather
-having time to get to ball hockey
-everyone showing up for the game in the pouring rain
-Heather and Alison bringing cheerleaders/photographers


-ump calling it after making us play 2.5 innings
-Tuesdays and rain this year.
IN Out Other
Pete Danielle – Avail for spare
Eric Bree – Can’t spare.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
LF Pete Pete Pete Pete Lawrie Pete Pete
CF Jith Jith Jith Jith Jith Lawrie Jith
RF Bailie Baillie Baillie Baillie Alison Baillie Baillie
RV Sarah Sarah Sarah Alison Sarah Sarah Sarah
P Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric
1st Martin Lawrie Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin
2nd Heather Heather Alison Heather Heather Heather Heather
SS Justyn Justyn Lawrie Justyn Justyn Justyn Justyn
3rd Carlos Carlos Carlos Lawrie Carlos Carlos Carlos
C Sam Alison Sam Sam Sam Alison Sam
Sit Lawrie Martin Justyn Carlos Pete Jith Lawrie
Sit Alison Sam Heather Sarah Baillie Sam Alison


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